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Micro Video Contents

Videos of 15-30 seconds prepared to make your brand's communication sustainable on social media.

A New Perspective in 
Video Marketing Processes

We change traditional agency habits and bring a different perspective to video marketing processes. 

We manage the need for video content, which increases with the digital transformation trend, with a predictable budget and effort. By determining a video content-sharing calendar, we produce effective solutions by different agreement models to make your brand more visible on social media.

Micro Video Contents 
Easy to Manage

With micro video content that you can manage remotely and easily, you can effortlessly establish communication with your target audience for your brand needs.

We produce fast and effective video solutions
 which can be prepared at the desktop with stock videos or 2D animation made with illustration items. 

Micro Video Contents
Use micro videos to stay visible to keep up with the ever-increasing speed of social media and to sustain your communication with your target audience.

You can provide high number of video communications in accordance with your brand strategy and a pre-prepared calendar, and you can achieve efficiency in your annual budget thanks to our effective video production methods.

Contact Volans immediately to ensure sustainable communication and increase your brand awareness and digital visibility with desktop videos with clear and understandable messages.
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