Why should we use 2D animation videos in our Digital Campaigns?

Why should we use 2D animation videos in our Digital Campaigns?

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As part of the digital marketing process, 2D animations are a tool you may choose to express the essence of your brand.

As an important part of the digital marketing process, two-dimensional animations are a great tool you may choose to express the essence of your brand. You can easily tell everything you want to announce to your target audience through 2D animations. Animations that are quite fun to watch create a higher turnout than traditional ads. Motiongraphic videos that maintain the action from start to finish contain humorous elements that easily engage, and entertain the audience, and also serve marketing potential.

What is 2D animation?

2D animation, which has an intriguing, informative, entertaining and convincing format, is created in two-dimensional flat space. In the 2D animation technique, objects have only width and height properties. In such projects, characters and backgrounds can be prepared based on request. Moving objects, fixed figures, graphics, or photos can be added to two-dimensional animations produced by computer drawing software or manual drawing. It is possible to make use of 2D animation videos in many areas such as training videos, product visualization, descriptive visual content, micro content, ads and social media videos. 2D animation videos, which are amongst today's versatile marketing media tools, provide highly effective communication with bright colors, dynamic characters, moving objects and catchy messages.

Thanks to two-dimensional animations, there is no need to deal with challenges such as shooting location search, casting, extra budget and time allocation for production work. All you have to do is create spaces and characters to convey your brand story in an atmosphered way.

These visuals communicate the message quickly and clearly without taking the audience's time with a fast and memorable impact. A 2D animated video produced pursuant to the goal makes it easier your story, brand goal, or call-to-action message to be perceived and kept in mind.

Creating a video about complexstatistics, lists, or product advantages may not be of direct interest to viewers. Next-generation 2D animations, on the other hand, are usually built on a very well-designed plotline. Viewers' attention is easily focused on these vibrant, dynamic and amazing characters. An immersive story, interesting characters, or unusual graphics are very important to have a video to be watched until the end. Even if your animated video is a promotional video, training video, or sales video, it's created to get action from the viewer. In this interactive process, viewers may be expected to call a number, view another video linked in the video, or order a product. Call-to-action messages in content also help you get measurable performance from animated videos.

Importance of 2D Animation in Digital Marketing

A study by Forrester Research found that a one-minute video has an equivalent narrative of 1.8 million words. Users who visit your social media accounts or website first view videos and animations about your company, services or products. They then prefer to receive detailed information via text. With an animated video, you can explain your service much more thoroughly in less time, show your product, or quickly talk about the potential benefits of your services.

A study by Unbounce, one of the world's top brands in landing page design, has shown that adding videos to landing pages increases conversion rates by up to 80%. As users continue to watch videos and animations on your website or social media accounts for longer, their interaction time with the brand increases. As a great tool for digital advertising campaigns, 2D animations help improve sales conversions by creating product demos, product training videos, service support videos, and ad pages.


The widespread use of social media and rapidly changing events require making videos adaptable to current trends. Two-dimensional animations, also known as desktop video content, can be created much more fun and easily thanks to the advanced 2D animation studio. In addition, 2D animation prices are much more attractive compared to traditional video shooting. The ease of sharing and commenting makes 2D animations a media that can be shared organically on social media, just like a photo or content. Given the size of the potential audience and the importance of interaction within the news feed, opting for 2D animated videos is a fairly sensible option.

5 key advantages of 2D animations

·         Draw Attention To Yourself

The animated graphics are very remarkable and keep the interest constantly high. Fun graphics that quickly attract the attention of viewers also provide great benefits in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). By putting two-dimensional videos and graphic content ahead of traditional content, search engines make it easier for you to be much more visible on online platforms and attract more traffic to your site.

·         Easily Communicate with Your Target Audience

Animating information with explainer videos or 2D infographic diagrams allows graphics or applications to be delivered to viewers in a much leaner and easier way. When about 70% of people receive information in visual format, they assimilate that information better and can keep it in mind better. Successful and efficient presentations can be prepared with 2D animation support even on complex topics such as educational content, technical analysis charts and balance sheets.

·         Save Budget and Time

Two-dimensional animation videos can be produced in much shorter periods than live shooting videos. 2D videos, which can be prepared on a small budget, have high advantages both in cost and time, as well as flexibility and convenience compared to a traditional video presentation. Another important advantage of 2D animations is that the necessary adjustments to the animation can be easily made and the video can be updated on demand.

·         Materialize Your Dreams

Blending the world you created in your dream with your story is one of the best ways to get the viewer's attention for longer. As with traditional production and live shooting videos, you can do anything you want without having to completely depend on reality, a specific place or time. With 2D animation videos that offer you endless freedom, you can be much more creative, and you can instantly take advantage of the facilities that come with digital media.

·         Deliver Your Content to a Wide Audience

People like to share content they find interesting. The vast majority of content shared online through social media is also videos and images. Press announcements or other informative texts are also shared via social media, but this is not as frequent as videos and pictures. Because written texts cannot attract a person's attention as much as a visual or video. That's where the animation shines. 2D animation videos designed for sharing are a great combination of images and text information in an easy-to-understand video package.

You can also get professional support to effectively address your target audience and prepare 2D animations that best suit your needs, and you can deliver all kinds of information and data to your users with the ease of 2D animation. To stand out in the industry with 2D animation and give your projects a new vision, contact Volans Video Agency now!

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