Corporate Promotion Videos

Corporate promotions are videos where you can promote your brand and business in the most effective and effective way.

Regardless of scale, you can be one step ahead of your competitors by having promotional videos explaining your services, vision, and way of doing business.

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Success Story Videos

Explain all the construction stages, goals, and results of your projects, in which you offer sectorally innovative solutions in line with your brand's vision, by turning them into a success story.

Success story videos help brands build trust and loyalty among potential customers by sharing real customer experiences and success stories, thereby expanding their customer base and increasing sales.

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Testimonial Videos

It is always more effective to hear the positive effects of your products or services through the mouth of your customers. Real experiences of real customers help you gain sectoral trust, rather than hearsay, especially as you share them on social media platforms.

With testimonial videos, you help your potential customers get to know your product or service, see their benefits, and increase their trust in your brand.

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Event Videos

Taking part in or organizing various events related to your industry will increase your visibility among the target audience.

You can show your brand vision by participating in events and bringing your participation to more people with event videos, and you can reach your sectoral goals more quickly with the fact that visionary brands are preferred more.

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Office Tour Videos

Workspaces are areas that carry traces of companies' cultures. Share the physical spaces that reflect your company's vision with people through office tour videos.

Highlight your company values by conveying the specially created spaces for employees with supporting texts and motion elements through office tour videos.

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Live Stream Videos

Broadcast all valuable moments such as meetings, interviews, award ceremonies, concerts, and seminars through live streaming videos. Ensure that your target audience witnesses all your special moments in real-time.

Live streams, providing the opportunity to reach the target audience in real-time, strengthen the bond between customers and brands by fostering a sense of shared emotions.

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Create professional and compelling content for your webinars, attracting participants and enhancing interaction to organize a more successful event.

Ensure more effective communication of messages with technical and creative professional support and reach your target audience more strikingly and understandably.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To make product promotion and marketing videos, it is first necessary to determine the features of the product and the target audience. Then, a suitable script is written and video footage is made. After the shooting is completed, the video is edited with post-production processes and delivered in the desired format.

To make a company promotional video, a scenario is first prepared and information about the company is highlighted. Necessary shots are taken, and voice-over and music are added. The video is edited and post-production processes are completed and it is made ready to be published on the company website or social media platforms.

Before event videos are produced, it is necessary to obtain information from the brand about the city, place, subject and time of the event. Before shooting, details such as the preparation of equipment, camera settings, and lighting should be planned. After the shooting is completed, the final assembly should be done by editing images and sounds, color correction, and adding music.

Success story videos are videos that describe the success of a brand, institution, or organization. These videos are prepared through original script writing, shooting, editing, and post-production processes. In success story videos, the brand's successes are made more visible to the target audience through the use of a narrative narrative and visual elements.

To prepare a product promotional video, first, a scenario and shooting plan is created. Then, shots are taken highlighting the product's features and benefits, and graphics or animations are added if necessary. Finally, the footage is edited, and text, music, and effects are added, making the completed video ready for publication.

To make a factory promotional film, the characteristics of the factory, production processes, and the target audience of the brand must first be determined. Then, a suitable scenario must be created, shooting must be carried out and the post-production process must be completed. Factory promotional film is used to demonstrate the company's production capabilities, reassure potential customers, and strengthen the brand image.

Promotional film preparation is done by the video production agency or promotional video agency. Video agencies prepare a promotional film that reflects your brand most effectively, using experienced teams and equipment in professional script writing, production process, and post-production stages. By working collaboratively, quality and original content is produced in line with the guidance and expertise of the agency, thus establishing a strong bond with your target audience and conveying your brand's message effectively.

To prepare an advertising video, a video agency must first be selected and a strategy must be determined with the agency regarding the brand's goals, target audience, and main messages. The selected video agency creates an effective advertising video by creating a creative scenario and combining visual and audio elements with professional production, post-production, and motion graphics presentation processes.

Shooting a commercial begins with creating a scenario and then selecting suitable locations. Then, the necessary equipment for shooting is prepared by a professional team and the shooting is carried out. Finally, post-production of the shots is done and the commercial is turned into a final version.

Video shooting fees may vary depending on many factors. These factors may include project duration, shooting location, camera and equipment use, number of people to shoot, and post-production needs. Often video production companies offer their clients a special offer for their projects.

Video production is a process that includes the entire process of planning, preparing, shooting and final editing of a video project. This process includes steps such as script writing, casting, location setting, shooting equipment and camera operations, post-production and video publishing. Video production is often used in commercials, documentaries, music videos and other special projects.

To shoot a TV commercial, firstly, a script is written and necessary equipment is provided by the production team. Then, a suitable location is chosen and actors are selected for the shoot. After the shooting is completed, editing, effects, and sound adjustments are made through post-production processes, and finally, the commercial is delivered to the TV channel to be broadcasted.

When preparing corporate promotional videos, video agencies first try to understand the needs of the customer. In this process, they determine factors such as the customer's brand identity, target audience, and message. Afterward, processes such as script writing, actor selection, location selection, shooting, and editing stages are carried out. After the approval process with the customer, the completed corporate promotional video is delivered.

To shoot a commercial, first, a script is prepared and casting work is done. Then the shooting takes place and the post-production process begins. Finally, the voice-over, music, and editing processes are completed and the commercial is ready for publication.

A video agency is a company that offers professional video production services for the needs of its customers. It often produces customized video content for advertising, promotional, educational or other communication needs and helps clients communicate their brand messages effectively. You can access video agencies by searching such as video production turkey, video production istanbul, istanbul animation companies, istanbul animation company, video production istanbul.

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