Advantages of Using Video in Social Media

Advantages of Using Video in Social Media

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Video, which is one of the most effective communication tools of recent times, always stands out with its combination of visual and audio elements.

Social media is an inevitable field for people and brands with the developing technology and innovations. Almost all brands, from global companies to boutique companies, frequently use social media to communicate and reach their customers. It provides great advantages for brands, especially with its positive feedback such as brand awareness and increase in customer potential. This makes social media inevitable for companies.

Why Video?

Video is one of the most important tools that increase social media's active communication opportunities. Video, which is one of the most effective communication tools of recent times, always stands out with its combination of visual and audio elements. Many brands and institutions consider video to be the fastest and most effective way to reach their customers, and they use video in their communication strategies.

The fact that the video is easier to understand than verbal and written content provides a great speed in reaching customers and potential customers. Especially with the advantages provided by the developing technology, the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time makes the video even more attractive. The fact that it can be made in many genres such as corporate promotion, event, success stories, animation videos allow the brand to create customer-specific content. In addition, the video ensures that the target audience has more confidence in the brand, institution, or person. A promotional or user experience video for a product, allows the customer to get to know that product better, and this increases a sense of trust. In addition, every product or information you present to the customer into video content and presenting it to the target audience turns out to be a plus value. It enables the customer to feel valuable by strengthening the bond between the customer and the brand.

Channels and Advantages

The innovations and opportunities brought by technology allow new channels to emerge with each passing day. With this increase and diversity, each channel has its own dynamics. Different video contents that appeal to different purposes and people may be needed. It provides various advantages for these dynamic brands owned by channels. Brands easily determine their target audience. This allows them to prepare healthier strategies. A video content prepared in accordance with the characteristics of the channel in which the customer base is active increases the possibility of being prominent and visible in the mainstream. The connections you establish in social media allow not only to contribute to the customer potential but also to new business partnerships. Video can be one of the effective tools to be more visible in these areas that enable you to communicate with your colleagues and professionals belonging to other professional groups.


Every sharing on YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and all social media you can think of is actually an expression of your identity. The language used, the quality of the content, and even the time shared can be descriptive for your customer base. The more effective communication you create in these channels, which are perhaps the first area where your target audience will interact, the more positive your feedback. Studies show that almost all age groups spend time on at least one channel and say that one out of every two people in the world uses social media. In this case, no matter what business or profession you are in, there is definitely a channel where your audience is active. Therefore, the communication methods and tools you choose for your audience are very effective in expressing yourself in the most accurate way. The language of effective communication and creating a correct strategy are the important points that will carry the brand, institution, or people to the top. In addition, the communication tool used is another important point. Video has an important place in this sense. Quick accessibility, speed, and convenience are among the most effective reasons for the target audience to choose.

Where everyone is, YouTube

YouTube, which is the first channel that comes to mind when talking about video, is one of the areas where brands can communicate with their customers almost one-to-one. Research shows that YouTube is the most visited channel after Google. Because of the convenience provided by the video, people often turn to YouTube for explainer videos, where they can find content about the brand or product, instead of visiting the website. For this reason, the more video content you have on your YouTube channel about your brand or product, the more your awareness on the customer side increases. Also, the quality of the content you prepare affects the image you will leave on the customer to the same extent. YouTube's advertising models are also one of the important ways to reach customers. This model makes the brand known by the customer. It allows the customer to get to know the brand with the advertisement videos that can be placed between the videos while watching videos or searching. This channel, which is visited by 1.5 billion users and they spend more than 1 hour every month, enables brands and individuals to carry themselves beyond borders.

Improve Your Corporate Relations with Linkedin

Linkedin, your professional face in social media, is one of the areas where you can add value to your brand. One of the most important tools that will help you stand out in this area, where there are dozens of shares a day, is video. The easy accessibility of the video makes you more visible in the busy business life. Especially with a quality and impressive "Success Story Video" prepared for your business life, it makes you stand out easily in this fast flow. In this way, it allows you to add pluses to your brand value and awareness on a professional channel. Besides, it is quite possible to show expertise on LinkedIn through corporate chats or training videos.

Feel the Speed
​​of Social Media with Instagram

It is known that the most effective and widely used social media channel in recent times is Instagram. In addition to having fun, Instagram is also used as a digital marketing area. This channel, which is actively used by the end-user, allows brands to communicate directly with customers. Features such as Explore, Reels, and IGTV owned by Instagram, allow your videos to reach both your own customers and potential customers easily. Every quality video content that we can define as desktop videos, published in this channel, which is based on the visual world, comes back to your brand as an advantage.


The flow of life is accelerating, with digitalization, social media channels change and develop according to needs, and the need for video seems to increase day by day. According to a study conducted in 2020, 59 percent of the world's population actively uses the internet and 49 percent spend time on social media. It seems that the rate of video watching in the world is 90 percent. It is thought that video content, which has a very high rate, will increase this rate day by day. The advantages of video, its advantages in marketing and its scalability according to channels are the biggest factors in this rise. All these results show that brands will include different video products in their marketing strategies in the future.

If you want to stand out in social media with the effective power of video, increase your brand awareness and reach your goals in an easy and effective way, you can contact Volans Video Agency. The quality of each video content you plan to prepare for your brand, institution, or personal projects will be decisive when expressing yourself. Therefore, professional support from experts and experienced people will take you one step ahead.

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