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Live Stream Videos

Videos from streaming your live events.

Share Your Precious Moments
by Live Stream Videos


Transfer all valuable moments such as meetings, interviews, awards ceremonies, concerts, and seminars to the audience with live broadcast videos. Let your audience witness all your special moments.

Live broadcasts, which provide to reach the target audience in real-time, allow them to feel common emotions. It provides to strengthens the bond between the customer and the brand.


Reach Your Audience Instantly
by Live Stream Videos

Share all the events that may be of interest to both your target audience and potential customers by live broadcast videos. Easily increase brand awareness and value.

Keep your communication active with your target audience by live broadcasts specific to all platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.


Live Stream Videos

Instantly share the events of your brand, institution, such as interviews, seminars, and events with live broadcast videos.

Simultaneously transfer all the moments that happen by broadcasting live to the audience. Let your audience feel the same emotions at the same time.

Contact Volans, to share the moment with your target audience and prepare quality live broadcasts!

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