Privacy is a priority at Volans Video Agency. This Privacy Policy includes Volans Video Agency and the group of companies ("we", "our" or "us"), It explains how we will collect and use your personal information when using our websites, mobile applications, web client, add-ons we write for 3rd party applications (eg Google Docs Add-On) and / or other applications that link to this Privacy Policy ("Services").

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party websites and apps that you may use, including those linked to our services. You should review the terms and policies for third-party websites and apps before clicking on any link to another domain.

Volans Video Agency provides services to users in many aspects such as content creation, management and download. The person using these services agrees to share some personal data with us in order to improve the quality of the services. This information can be personal information of the user, as well as information about the devices used.

Please read our data acquisition and usage policies below carefully.

1- How We Collect Personal Information
2- How We Use Personal Information
3- Do We Share Personal Data?
4- Storage of Personal Data
5- Your Choices
6- Privacy for Children
7- Your Privacy Rights
8- Protection of Personal Data
9- Amendment to This Document
10- Contact Us

1. How We Collect Personal Information

The collection of personal data varies according to the type of our applications and services. However, when you use our applications or access our services, the use of your personal data (which data is requested) is entirely up to you. However, if you do not provide us with the data we want, our application may not work as you want and you may not be able to benefit from our services. For example, if you do not give our Google Docs Add-On the necessary authorization, you will not be able to access the content development tools. Please read Chapter 5 for detailed information.

2. How We Use Personal Information

By recording and processing the data we collect in general; We use it to improve services, fix errors, provide better service, create new services and functions, and use them in marketing activities. For example:

> Assigning the right content to you according to your personal competencies and interests, > Saving your bank information so that you can receive payments quickly, > Performing simple authentication procedures to prevent fake profiles, > To make preliminary studies suitable for you according to your company profile, > To reach you directly for marketing content, > Testing new services and functions, > To communicate with you directly in case of requests and complaints, > To deliver relevant content to you quickly according to your geographic location, > Sending notifications to your mobile device about our service information, > To inform you about legal changes,

are some of usage of personal information. Please see Chapter 10 to contact us.

3. Do We Share Personal Data?

We do not share your personal data in any way that can legally be considered as a sale!

Personal data are shared in the following situations.

> With companies we cooperate with to support our services. These companies can only access your contact information. > Our business partners. Your data can be shared with companies that are in partnership with Volans Video Agency. However, the business partner must use this data just like in this privacy policy! > Marketing Partners. Your data can be shared with these partners to manage announcements, webinars, and personal-company-specific situations. In this case, only your contact data is shared. > Public and state authorities. All kinds of your data can be shared with public and state authorities that have the right to legally request your data. > Exceptions. If another form of sharing is specified for you when receiving your data (if you agree), your data may be shared as contained in that content.

In addition, your personal data may be shared in the following ways:

> Other users: Name and contact information can be shared mutually as content producers, editors, publishers and agencies are united on our common platform. > Third Party Applications: If third party applications have to process your data (eg payment), this data can be shared with these parties. > General Information. Any data you create. Any data (articles, contents and requests) you create in our system can be seen by other users. > The company you are affiliated with. If you are logging into our system with a special domain name (e-mail based logins), such as; This makes you legally connected with If your company wishes, your contact information in the system can be shared.

4. Storage of Personal Data

Your personal data is stored only as much as necessary. This time may vary according to our data processing policies. If the retention period is longer than our data retention time due to legal obligations, the legal date will be taken as basis. If your personal data has completed the processing period by us before the legal time, your information will be taken to a completely closed area until the end of the legal period.

Please see Chapter 5 for information on how your personal information is stored.

5. Your Choices

This section contains instructions on changing or restricting your personal information.

> Profile. You do not have to fill in your profile information. However, this information is necessary for the correct content to be delivered to you or to be accessible to you. Missing information can result in content not being assigned or accessible to you. > Notifications. Mandatory and optional notifications are defined in the system. If you do not enter your contact information, you will not receive any notifications. If you enter this information, only mandatory notifications will be delivered to you (System change messages, warnings, etc.). Optional notifications will appear in your profile (if available). > Cookies and similar technologies. We use cookies and similar technologies in our web-based services to analyze our system and provide better service. Our services will not work if you turn them off. These technologies measure data such as duration of stay, duration of use, and number of pages on the site. In addition, the settings of our service are kept in this data. > Device and usage data. Our services and applications installed on devices can access device data, location data, device information to send notifications. You can disable the transmission of this data in the device settings. Our services will provide limited service in these cases. > Closing the account. You can close your account at any time by contacting us from the contact information in Section 10. Your personal data will be kept as in Chapter 4. > Google Docs (docs, slides, sheets, forms etc.) Add-On data: > > email: This data will be used to recognize you on a google document (docs, slides, sheets, forms, etc.) without having to login. In this way, the system will match your account and automatically grant the necessary authorizations while processing the document. > > profile: Your profile information will be used for the same purpose as a second control mechanism to identify you and prevent the entry of wrong accounts.

6. Privacy for Children

Our services are not designed for users under the age of 18. We do not have any marketing policy for these users. The system does not evaluate users by age range. So if you are under 18, please do not use any of our services! Accounts that are understood to have been created in this way (except for parental consent) will be deleted from the system, and their personal data will also be removed.

7. Your Privacy Rights

You can access your privacy and access rights at any time. For example:

> You can delete or update any of your personal data by logging into our services. You can also contact us from Chapter 10 and ask why we keep this information. > In some special cases, you can contact us in Chapter 10 to delete or change this data. > The "unsubscribe" option is always available for notifications made for marketing purposes. You can leave the notifications by clicking the relevant place in the e-mails sent. > We may test the accuracy of your data to confirm your credentials. Volans Video Agency acknowledges that the data entered is always correct and will reach you with this data when there is a legal request. Therefore, as Volans Video Agency, we may direct you to some services (such as ID number verification) to verify your identity. We reserve the right not to serve users who do not take these steps. > We can use our right to request files that can be legally obtained for approval of personal or company identities. The user must transmit these files when requested.

8. Protection of Personal Data

We use physical, electronic and administrative tools to protect your personal data. These tools may vary depending on the importance of your data. The display of the data is filtered according to the technical and company organization chart; it is prevented from being lost, accessed by unauthorized persons or shared. Very important data (eg passwords) are encrypted in industry standards and cannot be viewed by even the most authorized persons.

9. Amendment to This Document

This document can be updated according to legal changes, changes in our company policies, data usage changes, and our newly opened and / or closed services. We can notify you of these changes through service interfaces or via e-mail. Please check this page frequently for changes.

10. Contact Us

Please use the communication channels on our website for your questions, requests or complaints. You can find various ways of access at the address below:

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