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VR Orientation Videos

Virtual reality videos to make easier your onboarding processes.

Faster Onboarding Processes 
with New Video Technologies

We bring a different perspective to recruitment processes with new video technologies.

We take personnel experience and orientation processes out of the ordinary with different video content technologies, and make your recruitment processes faster and more effective.

Increase HR Efficiency
with VR Orientation Experience

Increase the performance of your brand with video content that will make the functioning of the human resources department more effective and more efficient.

Improve your staff's commitment to your brand with innovative video technologies, allowing different departments to experience different experiences in internal communications.

VR Orientation Videos
Thanks to the outside voice or a narrator, you can easily complete the orientation processes of your employees with the virtual tour experience, where we can convey in-house business processes and job descriptions in the most accurate way.

Meet Volans, your video partner, to have the most effective content with technological solutions tailored to your needs!
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Yılmaz Makine
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