How to Prepare the Animation Video?

How to Prepare the Animation Video?

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Animation videos are fun to watch, but the production processes are grueling. It goes through different stages and becomes ready for publication.

Animation video is one of the video content types prepared by the agencies serving in the field of animation. 2d or 3d animation video is prepared by going through various stages. All these stages require separate programs and experts in their fields who are competent to use these programs. We will also talk about animation video types in our article, where we will touch on many different topics about animation video, based on the question of "How to prepare an animation video?".

What is Animation?

Before moving on to the animation video topic, explaining what the word animation means will provide a better understanding of the subject. The process of giving motion to pictures or still images, or rather ''creating the feeling of moving" is called animation. This expression, which we often come across in the world of cinema, is associated with cartoons produced by well-established companies such as Disney, and these cartoons come to life in the mind in the first place. Animation is one of the most effective techniques that help to challenge the imagination and make the impossible possible. It will not be difficult to understand this by looking at Hayao Miyazaki's animation films with thousands of fans around the world, works produced by Studio Ghibli and Disney, or any animation video produced by video agencies.


Why Use Animation Video in Communication Studies?

Animation video allows conveying content that is difficult to explain entertainingly. It provides the opportunity to have a pleasant viewing process in terms of customer experience and to explain the product or service mentioned in the best way. It enables to transfer of the products, services of the brands to the target audience most cost-effectively and effectively without the need for video shooting processes. It allows reaching the consumer in a short time with a modern style that includes descriptive visuals, supporting texts and brand colors. Especially today, when video content is very popular, preparing animation video content to promote products and services or to keep target audience communication active on social media helps the brand to stand out. It is known that the use of short-term video content, which can contain both visual and auditory elements, instead of long, verbal, or written explanations in the description of the product and service or in the transfer of any subject belonging to the brand, accelerates the marketing goals of the brand. For this reason, to carry out effective communication studies, turning to video content that consumers frequently prefer will bring successful results.

How To Make the Animation Video?

Before the technological developments in animation video subject, all the frames were drawn by hand, page by page. The works containing the drawings of each frame containing the movement were shown one after the other, creating the feeling of "as if there was movement". With the developing technology and new software, the traditional animation technique has been left behind and animation production methods that can get results quickly have been started. While digital drawings made on tablets replace traditional hand drawings, the animation process is done with different computer programs. But to use these programs and produce successful animation videos, it is important to receive training on this subject. Some universities have related departments or courses that provide education in the field of animation. Persons trained in these institutions are trained in many subjects related to animation such as motion graphics, illustration, and technical drawing, and they produce.


Animation videos are fun to watch, but the production processes are grueling. It goes through different stages and becomes ready for publication. According to the requirements of the content, character designs, visual designs or, if a product is described, stylized images can be prepared by making drawings about the product. After the completion of the mood board and the storyboard work that includes every frame of the video, the animation process begins. In the animation phase, every visual in the frames is animated in accordance with the scenario. With the completion of the SFX processes, the animation video becomes ready for broadcast. The most important factor to pay attention to in all these processes, as we mentioned, is to entrust the animation video content to
experienced video agencies in this field. The quality of the animation video content that will represent the brand in different channels will also carry the brand value to a good position.

What is the 2D Animation Video?

The 2D video defines the animation of images in a two-dimensional space. Explainer videos prepared with 2D animation techniques can be prepared and presented to the target audience for the product and service of brands, institutions, or organizations. The 2D animation technique, which is frequently preferred by brands for the video content used in their communication and advertising activities, provides an easy way to describe the products and services. In addition to product promotion and service narration, micro-video content that will keep active in social media channels can be prepared in a short time with 2D animation techniques.

What is 3D Animation Video?

3D animation video is the expression that defines the animation of images in a three-dimensional space. This technique, which provides the closest possible expression to reality, is generally preferred to describe products that cannot be shot.

3D animation video enables giant machines, mechanisms that cannot be shot, and subjects that require chemical expression to be visualized most accurately and conveyed to the target audience. In addition to the ease of expression offered by 3D animation videos to brands, it also allows showing the innovative vision of the brands. Choosing one of the most realistic and trendy narration methods instead of ordinary content helps to stand out both in the minds of the target audience and in the sector. However, while preparing 3D animation videos like all other content, the subject and production method must be compatible. For this reason, it is essential to get consultancy support from video agencies.

What are the Differences Between 2D and 3D Video?

There are differences between 2d animation videos and 3d animation videos in terms of both production and style. The 2d animation video takes place in a 2D space and the visuals are perceived as 2D. In the 3d animation video, there are 3 dimensions of the visuals, and a more realistic expression is created. Production methods and effort times also differ between these two video techniques. Modelling of objects may be required for 3d video. Objects are taken into the 3D modelling process in accordance with the mentioned product, subject and brand expectations. Modelled visuals are animated and after the completion of post-production processes, the 3d animation video becomes ready for publication. For 2d animation videos, processes that require character designs or hand drawings are carried out and 2D visuals are prepared. Moving processes are done, a 2D animation video is completed with music and sound effects.


Which Industries can Prefer Animation Videos in Communication Studies?

It is known that the animation technique, which has made a great contribution to the entertainment industry, also offers numerous benefits for advertising strategies. All sectors that need an effective narrative for their products and services to speed up their marketing processes may prefer animated video content.

It is possible to prepare animation videos for education, health, trade, engineering, architecture, construction, real estate, tourism, and all imaginable sectors. Animation videos can be used for various activities such as social responsibility, as well as the benefits they provide for advertising and marketing activities of brands, institutions, and organizations. Infographic animation videos can be prepared to explain the work of an organization with numerical results. Or animation videos can be prepared to describe or recognize a social benefit work prepared by the brand.

Get Professional Support for Quality Animation Videos!

Experience and knowledge are required to produce all videos made with 2D or 3D elements. To produce quality video content and achieve successful results, it is very important to get support from video agencies on all issues related to video content.

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