10 Virtues of Video Content Marketing on Your Brand Awareness

10 Virtues of Video Content Marketing on Your Brand Awareness

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Video marketing can be defined as using video strategies to promote your brand, product, or service.

Companies, institutions or individuals benefit from video content marketing strategies to increase sales, raise brand awareness, build trust, inform existing customers, and reach potential customers. Another reason why video content is preferred as a marketing tool is the potential to explain everything in a format preferred by users (visual format). Educational, funny and descriptive videos are of great importance in terms of delivering the desired message to the end user.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing can be defined as using video strategies to promote your brand, product, or service. A powerful and versatile marketing campaign often includes videos that emphasize the highlights of products or services. A much more effective marketing strategy can be pursued by increasing the impact of the campaign through customer testimonials, live events, how-to videos, explanatory videos, corporate training videos, and promotional videos. Video marketing is not just about sales. It can also be used to encourage proactive processes such as website referrals, social media subscriptions, email notifications, and to improve customer service.

The development of smart devices and internet infrastructure, as well as facilitating access to content, has allowed videos to be viewed more widely. Everything from live broadcasts via social media to story sharing, corporate webinars to 2D animations can be considered as part of the video marketing technique. Corporate digital marketing processes can be easily managed through Vlogs, infographics, web presentations and social media tools. Choosing a video instead of a traditional promo or product text allows you to connect with your users more effectively.


In today's digital marketing world, it's important to pay attention to how your videos are sorted, how many people follow your account, or how many people watch your videos. Many people prefer methods that will save them time before taking any action, such as learning, shopping, or visiting a page. Using video marketing strategies in this process brings great benefits to businesses.

What is Brand Awareness and How to Increase It?

Brand awareness is an all-encompassing term for how conscious and knowledgeable people are about what your brand has to offer. Brand awareness can also be thought of as consumers recognizing and remembering your business. The higher your brand awareness, the more viewers will be familiar with your messages and products. Brand awareness is a set of strategies that highlight familiar aspects and marketing elements of people, institutions, or businesses. For users, this can be remembering a slogan, recognizing a logo, or remembering a marketing message. Creating positive feelings or beliefs about a business can also be interpreted as a signal that allows customers to act consciously.

If customers are familiar with your brand, alienation from competitors will increase more, while the image on your brand and products will strengthen its positive connotation. Brand awareness is often seen as the first stage of the marketing conversion funnel. By providing brand awareness, you can create a wide network of potential buyers among your audience. You can inform your users about their research and decision-making processes and eventually direct them to the purchase process.

Video marketing agency provides tailored solutions to individuals and businesses to increase brand awareness through social media videos and corporate videos. Choosing platforms that have the potential to reach a large number of people makes it easier for you to reach the right market. Moreover, increasing brand awareness through videos is possible even with small budgets. Volans Video Agency, which has a wide range of video products, helps you to implement the project that best suits your area of activity, services and product range.

Major Video Solutions Offered By Volans Video Agency

· Success story videos

· VR tour videos

· VR training videos

· VR orientation videos

· Interactive videos

· Explanatory videos

· Micro video content

· 3D videos

· Customer experience videos

· Event videos

· Corporate promotional videos

· Webinar      

The Importance of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is important because it helps users understand and remember your brand and products. If you can create brand awareness for your target strategies, consumers will also be close to making decisions in favor of your brand when they are ready to search and buy. When your potential users see your logo on the road or listen to your jingle on the radio, they can instantly associate it with your business. In this way, you get a strong brand awareness.


Smartphones and social media make videos easy to access and practical to create. Every month, more than 200 million Internet users follow online video content, and this number is growing rapidly every year. That means millions of people who can see your message or learn about your products and services. In a world full of fake news, misleading advertising, automation, and chatbot customer service, winning the trust of consumers is a difficult process. Video marketing techniques, on the other hand, make it easier to transfer brand awareness faster than traditional marketing strategies. Being one of the most popular and powerful communication tools in the world since its invention, video is one of the most logical steps you can take to increase brand awareness.

It is quite natural for people to use their shopping preferences in favor of a brand they are familiar with or prefer the website of the brand they first know. Brand awareness is crucial to the success of your business. As people get used to your brand, brand logo, and other marketing tools, you will be able to make more sales. Brand awareness and connection to the brand increases click and conversion rates up to three times in online advertising. Building brand awareness takes time, but when you get to the point where people know your brand well, you have the trust of your customers and you start getting positive returns.

10 Virtues of Video Content Marketing on Brand Awareness

1. In 2018, 85% of all internet users in the United States are known to access at least one video content each month from any device. In Turkey, this figure is 95%. The dissemination of video content has directly contributed to brand awareness (Source: Statista).

2. The fact that 72% of Internet users prefer to learn about a product or service primarily through video supports the rapid growth of the video market and the development of brand awareness (Source: HubSpot).

3. The fact that by 2022, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic proves the impact of videos on brand history and purchasing decision. (Source: Cisco)

4. Using videos in campaign content has contributed 49% more year-on-year to the marketing development and brand awareness of companies (Source: Aberdeen Group).

5. The sharing rate of those who watch videos from mobile devices is 2.2%. This fact indicates that the video market will develop exponentially in the coming years (Source: WordStream).

6. 81% of firms started using video as a representation of their brands and an important marketing tool, an increase of 63% compared to the previous year (Source: Hubspot).

7. Videos increase organic search traffic on a website by 157%, as well as increase the likelihood that the website will be listed on top pages by 53 times compared to normal content. This huge effect of video as a tool, which provides ease of marketing, has also led to significant changes in marketing strategies (Sources: Conversion XL, Insivia).

8. 64% of users stated that a branded video they came across on any social media platform encouraged them to shop. This can be cited as a direct example of video's contribution to brand value (Source: Tubular Insights).

9. Video advertising increases purchasing intent by 97% and brand awareness by 139% (Source: Neil Patel).

10. A Facebook executive predicts that by 2021, major social media platforms will be fully streaming video and will not contain text. It is clear that firms that want to stay in the game in the coming years will have to use video tools effectively (Source: Quartz).

As can be seen from the examples above, video content plays a big role in purchasing decisions and marketing strategies. You too may contact Volans Video Agency now to reach the latest video solutions, be visible on social media, increase your profitability and easily achieve your goals.

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