Virtual Reality Video Usage Areas

Virtual Reality Video Usage Areas

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VR videos, which are known for high-resolution and 360 degrees viewing angles, can be used in various work fields like tourism, trade, training.

VR videos, which are known for high-resolution and 360 degrees viewing angle, can be used in various work fields. Virtual reality videos that are among the most up-to-date and effective video content types are among the leading video marketing methods preferred by the commercial business as these videos provide a memorable customer experience.

What is A Virtual Reality Video?

Virtual reality videos that can be shot by the limited number of video agencies with an innovative vision and closely follow the up-to-date technology are the productions watched with VR headsets and and they provide 360-degree viewer experience. Especially VR videos shots with 360-degree cameras carry the audience right in the middle of the video. The audience can turn their head to any direction to see all the details of the venue in the video as their connection with the outside world is cut via these special headsets and they feel like they are a part of the video.


There is no need for the additional device than the VR headsets to watch these videos shot with VR technology. VR videos can be viewed on all smartphone options and this way, a large audience can follow these videos. Virtual reality videos can have full HD or 4K resolution and they help various businesses maintain a better and more effective sales performance. With VR technology, it is possible to arrange a virtual tour and to analyse the venue and products remotely in depth. Dozens of companies are able to manage their employment processes with virtual reality videos as well. Making use of VR technology for PR projects helps massively to gain a high prestige among your customers and business partners. Virtual reality videos that help your corporation to draw a more innovative, up-to-date, brave and bold picture in the market, enable you to gain customers and business partners among the young generation who are close followers of tech trends and news. Virtual Reality videos are among the most effective options within new generation video content types and these videos come with many advantages of accelerating your promotion activities.

Where to Use Virtual Reality Videos?

Virtual reality videos that are included in the daily life with new video technologies provide an experience that goes beyond 3-D technology and creates an immense impact on the audience. Virtual reality technology is offering a personalised experience to the audience as this technology becomes popular in the cinema field. These videos can be watched with a viewer-specific headsets leading to maximum performance for every viewer and any desired effects or senses can be awoken among the viewers. Therefore, different industries have a chance to get massive benefit from VR technology.

Virtual reality can both be used by construction companies and sales representatives in the real-estate sector to show the real-estate in detail. Virtual reality videos can also be used for touristic purposes by hotels and embassies. Additionally, the storage sector greatly benefits from virtual reality videos. You can show your safe and hygienic storage conditions to your leads remotely in detail by using virtual reality videos and be one step ahead of your competitors. VR videos enable you to give a real-life experience to your leads in the food sector by showing the hygiene and health rules of your kitchen and these videos can also be used in different fairs and collective events. VR videos provide a virtual experience to the investors in terms of factor production processes and technologic start-ups. Thus, you can increase your business volume and develop your B2B relationships with the most up-to-date technology.

How Can You Make Virtual Tours with VR Technology?

With virtual reality videos you can organise meetings and reach a greater group of people. There are two types of virtual tours: B2B and B2C. B2C or “Business to Customer” type of videos are shot to attract potential customers to whom your goods and services are mainly targeted. B2B or “Business to Business”  are organised specifically to the companies you want to have a partnership with. In B2C group, virtual tours are organised for museums, entertainment centers and educational institutions and your leads can easily learn more about your company.

With professional videos, the leads who wish to drop by your physical location, rent your venue or become your regular customer can learn more about your business in a short time with virtual tours. Thus, you can create a more realistic and positive first impression than traditional advertisement and promotions. Virtual tours especially create a great difference in competitive sectors. This way, you can convince your leads in a short period and take a step ahead of your competitors. B2B-focused virtual tours help you to impress companies and commercial businesses you want to work in a short time. You can benefit from virtual tours in storage, e-commerce, data science sectors and you can introduce your services to your solution partner leads intensely and in a short time. Virtual tours accelerate your business to business agreements. While you can increase the prestige of your company, you can reach out to numerous solutions partners and increase your business volume with these videos.

How Does Virtual Reality Training and HR Services Happen?

Virtual reality technology allowing you to see the world from a different perspective and benefit from the latest technology in all areas of your business life, helps you to rapidly complete in-company training and HR services. VR videos make all the difference in the remote education field. Participants can feel like they are in the classroom environment with this technology since it increases the concentration and education quality. When you create your in-company training events with virtual reality videos, your company can benefit in economic terms as you will no longer have to re-allocate education and training budget. VR videos with education content is an ideal option for companies working in the education field. The videos can have any topic and these videos are favoured among different companies and individual customers as you can offer your education services remotely.

VR education videos create a more intense impact than standard education videos and help you to differentiate yourself among your competitors. 360-degree virtual reality videos can be preferred in HR services as well. Videos especially facilitate the employment process. With these videos, candidates can be re-evaluated at different stages and candidates can view the organisation in detail. Virtual reality videos enable candidates to view the work environment, especially in different countries and continents. Thus, all necessary steps can be taken to fully complete the employment process and the risk of bad surprises is eliminated.

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