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Why Should We Realize Video Content Communication on Special Days?

Why Should We Realize Video Content Communication on Special Days?

  • 08.04.2022 17 Liked
In order to ensure continuity in content production, it is important to make good use of special days and produce creative content.

Video content is one of the most trending content types of recent times. The inclusion of content in video format in social media channels with consumer preferences greatly impacts the formation of such a trend. “So why do people turn to video, why do they prefer video content?” First, answering these questions will help us understand the power of video.

Video content is an effective solution that can contain visual and auditory elements. The fact that it meets the information needs in a short time and helps to spend more quality time is effective in the content preference of the users. It provides more information to the audience in a shorter time, rather than content containing only written or only visuals.

Special Day video communication gives the opportunity to show that the brand is not only a didactic structure, but also that there are people living in it, that human feelings are valuable, and that it is a living structure that attaches importance to sensitivities. It is known that these studies, which seem to be only outside the institution, are valuable for the employees within the institution. It is an invaluable opportunity to create a feeling of meeting with the same feelings and to emphasize the compassionate nature of the brand.

Increase Your Visibility on Social Media

With the development of technology and the introduction of new tools into our lives, advertising spaces have now moved to virtual environments. Every brand, institution or organization has started to take a place in social media channels, which are the representation areas of the virtual world, to show its presence. In a wide variety of social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat, brands have found their place with different content.


Although it may seem easy to carry out active video communication on social media, it can require a great deal of effort and effort. Brands need to keep their social media alive by preparing different video content in addition to the video content they prepare for their products and services. For this reason, it is essential to prepare them with supporting content as well as the video content they have already produced. Special days are one of the best opportunities to create such supportive content. Special days also concern a large part of society, and the fact that brands produce special content for these days makes people feel valuable. It should not be forgotten that special day content, which provides a connection with the target audience as well as active video communication, offers benefits to brands in every aspect.

Take Your Place on the Timeline

It is known that brands take place on different social media to increase visibility and increase awareness by their target audience. When determining these channels, institutions, organizations, or brands must correctly determine the channel in which the target audience is located. Because taking place in the wrong medium and preparing studies for that medium may lead to losses in both financial and marketing strategy as long as it does not find a response and does not reach the right target audience. For this reason, it is necessary to get consultancy support from video agencies before determining the social media channel and performing video content studies. Consulting and media planning support, which offers great benefits in reaching the right target audience through the right medium, with the most effective content, will enable the realization of marketing strategies in a short time.

Of course, it is effective to produce effective content in the right medium. However, in these processes, it is necessary to consider the speed and sectoral competition that comes with technological developments. It is very important to catch timeline speed to gain visibility and interact on social media with millions of users and millions of posts per day. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure continuity in video content production and to perform regular content production. Especially national holidays, religious holidays, and special days are very suitable content to diversify content production. To ensure continuity in content production, it is important to make good use of these days and produce creative content. In terms of video production, in addition to producing content by the brand's own communication departments, periodic services can also be obtained by partnering with video agencies or project specific. It is very valuable to get support from experienced video agencies in terms of capturing video trends and producing videos suitable for social media dynamics. For this reason, to be on the timeline with trending and creative content, it is necessary to get support from professionals in video and act with the right strategies.


Gain the Likes of Your Followers with Creative Video Contents

It takes a certain effort to catch the flow rate and gain visibility on social media. Of course, every effort made in the name of visibility in the media finds its reward. However, it is important to produce creative works to improve the brand image and highlight the visionary side of the institution. Considering that each brand produces video content for special days in addition to its own products and services, it will stand out with this content.

Explainer videos about the product and service, promotional videos about the brand, success story videos highlighting the achievements, and customer experience videos to increase customer confidence are of course effective in video communication. However, in addition to these contents, which are carried out in parallel with the marketing strategy, it is necessary to produce micro-video content that will strengthen the ties with the target audience. It is especially valuable to evaluate special days that allow a common bond with the target audience and the opportunity to unite with the same feelings for these purposes.


It is necessary to prepare content for religious holidays, national holidays, and international or local days, which are a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the customer and the brand and share them on social media. But on special days, many brands share content. It is essential to prepare creative works in terms of style or expression to stand out, especially among competing brands in the same sector. Sharing creative content in the "discover" area, where there is much different content, such as in the flow area on the social media channel or on the Instagram channel, can be responded to in many ways. It allows personal accounts to share the same content and reach more people without just one like. Many factors should be considered while preparing these contents, which are also effective in reaching potential customers. The content should not harm the brand identity, should not hurt different groups, and attention should be paid to sensitivities in terms of both text and visual use. For this reason, it is necessary to produce content with professional support from experienced video agencies in all processes of video content prepared for special day communication.

Remind Your Brand, Be Unforgettable!

The tools that entered our lives with the developing technology inevitably accelerated the general flow of life. This speed, which is also reflected in social media, causes us to be exposed to much different content belonging to individuals or brands from various channels. It has become very difficult to be visible on these channels where visual content, especially video, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. To catch up with the speed in the timeline flow and for brands to gain a solid place in the media, continuity is required in social media as well as in all areas.

To catch the speed in social media, it is important to make good use of special days and to produce video content, as well as video content prepared for brands, products, and services. The fact that the brand is remembered by the target audience with its constant and regular posts allows it to reach potential customers as well as existing customers.

Get Professional Support for Quality Video Content on Special Days!

While producing video content for special days strengthens the bond between the brand and the customer, it also provides an opportunity for active video communication. For this reason, it is very effective to get support from experienced video agencies and create creative content for special occasions.

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