Why Brands Tend Towards VR Video Content?

Why Brands Tend Towards VR Video Content?

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Technological developments the increase in the quality of internet infrastructure allow more professional communication between the consumer and the brand.

All business lines around the world aim to bring their products and services together with their users by taking advantage of the unlimited possibilities of developing technology. Technological advances allow for a more professional and comprehensive communication with the consumer.  

Today, many companies use VR video content as a marketing method. Content designs, also known as virtual reality video, have a fascinating power that attracts users. You can also make a more effective promotion by using VR videos for your services and products and impress your customers with your technological vision.  

What is VR Video? 

VR video is a video method that projects 360-degree images of real or virtual spaces. Completed VR videos are displayed to users through special glasses or electronic products such as phones and tablets that support VR technology. A person who experiences VR finds him/herself in a 360-degree universe.

So VR video marketing is a way of making an impressive impression on customers. Such videos offer you countless design and marketing opportunities for your brand. In addition to being catchy, it takes you one step forward by showing that your company is compatible with current technological design and marketing trends. 

VR videos allow you to both reflect real spaces and create virtual spaces. Visuals of an existing space recorded using versatile special cameras can be used in 360-degree videos.  

In this way, you can take your customers wherever you wish, to the summit of Mount Everest if you want, or down to the ocean bottom. People who experience VR videos really experience the feeling of "being there". So you can share immersive and interactive content with your customer. 

Virtual space designs are also among the trends that stand out in virtual reality content. The imaginary space and creativity you demand for your goals is ingeniously reflected in these videos. So you can create environments that are compatible with the company, product, and service story you intend to build.  

Virtual spaces can feature enjoyable experiences for your customers. It allows them to be a game character or fairy tale hero. VR video technology can be combined with interactive activities. Virtual reality videos contribute to the user experience thanks to questions and answers that will be placed in videos and options that participants will choose.  


In this way, the impression of products and services on people is strengthened. You can also start using VR videos, which are one of the most effective communication tools for your brand for your goals and demands, without wasting time.  


Volans Video Agency designs VR video contents adapted to your brand and product story. You can have the virtual reality content you need through your video partner, Volans Video Agency. 

What are the Uses? 

VR video content is a purpose-oriented communication mechanism designed specifically for a company as promotional and marketing material. Therefore, the use of virtual reality appeals to an extremely broad sectoral scale.  

These videos can be used in many areas, from the real estate industry to university education, from art galleries to automotive product launches, from shopping malls to museums. Uses of VR video service can be listed as: 

●      Product and venue introductions 

●      Orientation processes 

      Sales-driven content presentation 

      Educational services  

      Shopping facilities  

Human resources departments of companies are one of the main areas of VR video usage. Orientation VR videos provide convenience in terms of easing the recruitment processes of brands and leaving a more influential impression.  

With the help of a voice-over adapted to videos, you can effectively communicate job descriptions, expectations from them, and the qualities you are looking for to your company's prospective employees. In corporate companies, orientation VR videos can be used to help newly hired people learn about the firm and get acquainted with company departments and the office. 


Next-generation methods provided by the use of VR video in the field of education contribute to the experience-oriented learning processes of participants. Universities, course providers and workshop venues can offer an innovative and interactive education for students using VR training videos. Virtual reality videos capture the attention of the participant, allowing for more effective learning.  


The participant's knowledge level can be measured as well by placing interactive activities into VR video. At the end of the use of a VR training video, the educational institution will have a detailed analysis with the reporting presented. 

One of the uses of VR videos with comprehensive service is VR tour videos. Through these videos, details of a housing project at the onset or completed recently are brought together with potential customers in a virtual environment.  

In this way, participants are provided with knowledge and experience about the place you offer without leaving where they are. VR tour videos can also be utilized in museums and art galleries. You can arrange online tour services for all your visitors from all over the world, and offer them auctions in a professional way. 

What are the Advantages to Brands? 

VR videos, which have become one of the indispensable methods of current marketing trends, provide significant advantages for companies. The reasons for brands in different sectors to tend towards VR video contents are extremely diverse.  

You can Eliminate Boundaries 

The first advantage of benefiting from VR video is that it eliminates spatial barriers between you and your participants or customers. VR video capabilities that remove spatial boundaries, especially in pandemic conditions, will become an important promotional and marketing tool for brands.  

At the same time, people in many business and educational branches today do not need to come together in the same environment. So you can effectively deliver your VR content, such as training and product promotion, to people in different cities or countries. 

Enhance Sales Performance 

Another advantage of VR video content is their high contribution to sales performance. Consumers want to master and experience the details of the services and products they want to buy. Sales-driven VR video content offers this opportunity for brands in a professional way.  

For an automotive company, introducing a new car model to the customer via VR video is an extremely impressive marketing method. In this way, the limitation of physical spaces is eliminated and an opportunity to share products with countless people at the same time is created. 

You can Get Detailed Analysis of Your Customer Profile 

Today, it is very important for many companies to access customer data. One of the advantages of using VR video is that it provides you with a detailed analysis of participants and customers. After the VR experience, it is possible to directly analyze the customer's reactions to products or participants' interests in the course content.  

Obtained data contributes both to the more competent marketing of the products at hand and to the design of new products by prioritizing customer demands. In this way, customer relations will be effectively handled and the company's market share will increase. 

Reduce Your Costs 

Using VR video can also help reduce your costs. You can organize major conferences, product marketing events and launches using VR technology.  

By this means, you can reduce your cost items such as gathering a wide audience, covering transportation and accommodation costs, providing venue rents and designs. By transferring these resources to VR video processes, you can make astounding impressions on your participants and customers and report on their experiences. 

It is extremely important to use VR video services to make the most efficient use of the capabilities offered by technology. The purpose of VR video use can be sales-, education- or promotion-oriented.  

VR video content designed in accordance with your company's wishes and needs can be reached thanks to the experienced and experienced staff of Volans Video Agency. From the products offered by Volans Video Agency, your video content partner, you may request content that matches your company's vision and mission. 

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