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What is the Production Company?

What is the Production Company?

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Production companies are organizations that provide services for all the details of the production process of video content or film. These requirements include both technical and experience-requiring elements.

The production company is an organization that operates to carry out the production processes of a movie or video. The technical equipment, the team support for the use of these tools and the management of the production processes belong to these companies.

Production, which is a process that people are most curious about and want to learn, includes different stages. The production stages may also change in accordance with the structure and purpose of the companies. There are companies that provide service at all stages of production, as well as production companies that serve only during the production process. In addition, one of the issues that brands are most mistaken about is the information that production services are provided only by production companies. Although there are production companies that only provide production services, all services related to the production stages are also provided by video agencies. It is known that pre-production, production, and post-production processes are at the forefront of the services successfully carried out by video agencies.

What is Production?

Production, in general terms, defines the process that includes pre-production, production and post-production. As the name suggests, this term, which expresses the production process, is generally used in the cinema and television industry. All the factors necessary for video content production are included in this process.


What Do Production Companies Do?

Production companies are organizations that provide services for all the details of the production process of video content or film. These requirements include both technical and experience-requiring elements. In addition to the equipment such as camera, sound, and light, which are related to the production process of a film or video content, they also give the technical support needs such as cameraman, cinematographer, lighting team or set crew required for the use of these tools. Production companies that only serve during the production process are not involved in processes such as the scenario found before production. Or they mostly do not provide services on the post-production process that concerns post-production. These services are provided by agencies operating in the field of pre-production or post-production.


What are the Production Stages?

While services are provided by video agencies at all stages of pre-production, production and post-production, some agencies only provide services in one arm of these services. When we branch the stages over this expression, it is necessary to look at the pre-production process first.

Pre-Production: Pre-production defines the preparation phase of content. During the pre-production phase, the general theme of the video or film is shaped, and all the needs are clarified, and the preparations are completed. This process, which includes idea, scenario, moodboard and storyboard processes, is generally provided by advertising agencies as a service. A scenario is studied in accordance with the subject, idea, and brand expectations. After the script approval, a moodboard describing the visual world of the movie is created. After the visual world is liked by the brand, the storyboard stage is started. This work, which includes the drawings of all the scenes, is a roadmap for both the brand and the production team. After the video content or the works describing the general lines of the film are completed, meetings are held with the agency that will carry out the production, and the needs are determined before the shooting process and the production process begins. Production and post-production services must be obtained from different agencies to complete the work in the pre-production stages. As we mentioned in our article, these processes are arduous processes that require working with separate agencies. Receiving services from video agencies that include all production services will enable more manageable content processes for brands.


Production: For the second process, the production stage, there are organizations called production agencies. For the work whose pre-production process is completed, the shooting processes are carried out by providing team and equipment support by these agencies. In addition to the needs such as actors, decor and accessories required for the shooting, these companies also provide the director, cinematographer, art team, lighting team and set team responsible for the set environment. With all the supplies, the production company completes the video shoots.

Another point to be mentioned about the production process is the production method. The production method is one of the most important factors that change the way the production process works. Apart from the shooting process, the production process may differ according to the video product. The production process for explainer 2d video, 3d video or customizable stock video content proceeds differently. These processes, which proceed completely as a desktop, are carried out by art directors and motion graphic artists with certain computer programs. In these processes, which are called animation processes, 2D video, 3D video or customizable stock video content is produced in accordance with brand expectations and work. In addition to companies that only provide animation production services, video agencies also provide services at all stages of animation processes.

Post-Production: Post-production, which is another stage, is the final process that the film or video content enters to make it ready for broadcast. The final touches of the work, which goes through the pre-production and production process, are carried out at this stage. There are also different processes in this process, which is generally defined as the stage of color and sound processes. In addition to the stages such as video editing, color arrangements, voiceover, post-production processes such as motion graphics animation, ar/VR video applications, 360-degree video stitching, color editing, visual effects / VFX, audio mixing / SFX, transcription & subtitle application are also included in this process. The work, whose editing processes are completed, goes through dubbing, music, sound effects or subtitle processes as needed. Color operations are performed in accordance with the general feeling and subject of the video or film. The content is completed by making all the touches in line with the brand demands and the direction of the creative team that edits the video. While creating a video or all visual content, the guidance of the company that provides post-production services is also very important. These companies, which constantly follow trends and variables, will be very effective in extracting the most effective content and seeing the elements that cannot be noticed. For this reason, brands can achieve more successful results with the guidance of the video agencies with which they cooperate and receive services.


What are the Differences Between Production Companies and Video Agency?

Production companies often provide services during the production phase, which includes video footage. They provide team and equipment support for technical and specialist issues of production processes. In video agencies, the process is different. All imaginable services required for a video are provided by video agencies. They provide services in all aspects of consultancy, creativity, pre-production, production, and post-production required for video content production.

Video agencies provide services for pre-production, production, and the post-production phase. In addition, it provides consultancy support for brands that want to include video content in their marketing processes, providing services in accordance with various needs such as video strategy production, budget optimization, media planning or media buying.

Get Professional Support for Production Processes!

Progressing carefully in the production processes for all visual content such as TV commercial videos, corporate promotional films, success story videos, testimonial videos, storytelling videos or launch videos leads to successful results. It is essential for brands that want to carry out effective communication and marketing activities by producing quality content, to receive support from video agencies serving in this field.

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