What is 3D Laser Virtual Tour Videos?

What is 3D Laser Virtual Tour Videos?

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3D laser virtual tour videos are a technological solution that a unique experience opportunity where different technologies come together like 360-degree videos.

The widespread use of VR technologies in the world and our country brings along different solution methods. One of the most effective of these technologies is the 3D laser virtual tour videos, which we have been hearing about recently. 3D laser virtual tour videos, which allow living spaces to be presented in the closest way to reality using 3D models, offer numerous benefits to many different sectors. In this blog post, let's take a closer look at this technology, which allows you to experience the feeling of "as if you were there" deeply, and get to know better this unique solution that will appear frequently in the future.


We can define
3D laser virtual tour videos as a technological solution that offers a unique experience opportunity where laser scanning technology, 360-degree shots, 3D elements and interactive add-ons come together. It allows accessing the desired place thanks to a single video and VR glasses without space and time limitations. 3D laser virtual tour videos, which are a virtual copy of a real space, also offer convenience to brands' marketing processes. Many different industries can use this unique experience in a variety of different areas.

How to Prepare 3D Laser Virtual Tour Videos?

3D laser virtual tour videos, as the name suggests, contain many different technologies. 360-degree shots, laser scanning technology and 3D add-ons may be the first things that come to mind. But 3D laser virtual tour videos are more than we read and understand. In addition to the mentioned technologies, interactive plug-ins can also be used in these contents. Every add-on that improves the content experience will increase the chance of 3D laser virtual tour video products being preferred by brands.

To prepare 3D laser virtual tour videos, it is important to cooperate with video agencies experienced in this field and get consultancy on this issue or to carry out video production processes with these agencies. As in every video content process, there are different dynamics and production processes in the 3D laser virtual tour video production process. Equipment usage knowledge, command of video production processes and experience are very important for this technology, which has just become widespread. For 3D laser virtual tour videos, equipment with special add-ons and features is required apart from standard cameras. These cameras, which are equipped with the necessary equipment for laser scanning, allow the shooting of the physical area to be used in the video. For the area where laser scanning is completed and 360 degrees can be toured, the process of creating 3D elements begins. 3D visuals, which are virtual copies of all items that will be found in the real space, are placed in the area. 3D laser virtual tour videos are completed by adding interactive add-ons such as information boxes, question fields or guiding content according to brand demand or need.

Which Sectors can Prefer 3D Laser Virtual Tour Videos?

3D laser virtual tour videos can be preferred by all brands operating in the fields of tourism, real estate, trade, architecture, construction, real estate, and culture & arts. 3d laser virtual tour videos can be used to promote hotel tours, apartments under construction, warehouses used for commercial activity, architectural sites, museums, and luxury boats that are very popular in summer. These contents, which allow existing customers and potential customers to easily experience, offer great benefits to the marketing processes of brands. It accelerates the sales processes by removing all time-wasting factors such as travel, time, and accommodation by carrying the customer experience to a different dimension.


Bringing a different solution to marketing processes, 3d laser virtual tour videos also reveal positive gains in terms of brand value. It is known by the brands that digitalization and innovative stance are important in the sector, and they carry out different studies in this sense. This subject, which is highly valued by consumers, becomes more valuable when it includes customer benefits. Brands that adopt digitalization as a vision and improve the customer experience with innovative works ensure that the brand perception of the target audience develops positively. Solutions that focus on customer experience, such as 3D laser virtual tour videos, help the customer feel valued and increase their interest and trust in the brand. Brands that move forward to strengthen their position in the sector and be the first brand that comes to mind must pay attention to these points.

3D Laser Virtual Tour Video can be Prepared on Which Subjects?

3D laser virtual tour videos can be prepared for any subject that concerns a physical area. 3D laser virtual tour videos can be prepared for halls prepared for cultural & art activities, office tour videos to be used on the website, apartments or for the project processes of an architectural space. In addition, 3D laser virtual tour videos also can be produced for an accurate and effective project process. It easily enables preparation of architectural or engineering projects, which are especially under construction and carried out with many different business partners. Interactive plug-ins that can be embedded in the video enable the creation of information boxes or dialogue boxes, allowing the mentioned area in the project to be easily seen and intervened. The 3D laser virtual tour video solution, which allows easy management of large projects where many people work, also shortens the project production processes, and offers the brand gains in terms of budget.


Accelerate Your Sales Targets with New Generation Technologies!

It is known that brands that constantly follow new generation technologies and incorporate them into their business processes are always one step ahead. These innovations should not be perceived as huge changes. It is also very valuable for brands to renew the website they are using or to bring an update to its application. The important thing here is that the brand understands which technology can be evaluated and how. The statement that recognizing needs, as well as needs, is of great value is valid for every sector. For this reason, getting consultancy support from video agencies that provide professional services in communication studies and video technologies will ensure an effective process.

Integrating new technologies into business processes improves the customer experience and therefore positively affects the marketing processes. Brands that use new generation technologies such as VR tour videos, VR orientation videos, 360-degree videos, VR training videos and interactive videos in their video communication activities are known to reach their sales targets in a short time. Incorporating new generation technologies, such as 3D laser virtual tour videos is which include 360-degree VR experience and interactive add-ons, into communication processes will add value in terms of both brand vision and customer satisfaction and marketing processes.


How Are 3D Laser Virtual Tour Videos Priced?

Although the production processes of 3D laser virtual tour videos may seem short, production times may differ. All variables such as the size of the physical space, the amount or structure of the items to be 3D modelled, and the number of interactive plugins can cause differences in time. For this reason, getting consultancy and budget optimization support from video agencies during the pre-production phase for 3D laser virtual tour video projects or all video projects will provide a more effective roadmap.

Get Professional Support for 3D Laser Virtual Tour Videos!

Video content has inevitably and indispensably gained a solid place in every aspect of our lives. It is very important to be careful while including this valuable tool, which has no time and no limit and can be accessed from anywhere at any time, in the branding or marketing processes. Receiving support from professional video agencies for these contents that reflects the vision of the brands will bring quality and success.

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