Secrets of Successful Video Communication

Secrets of Successful Video Communication

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Communication studies have a great impact on the brand to deliver its products or services to the target audience and to gain momentum in the marketing processes.

Communication processes are one of the most important elements for brands. Communication studies have a great impact on the growth of the brand, expanding its borders, delivering its products or services to the target audience, and thus gaining momentum in the marketing processes. However, while carrying out communication processes, it is very important to leave outdated works behind and turn to innovative works. It is necessary to correctly determine the channel through which the customer will be reached, as well as to understand the consumer expectations correctly.

Why Video?

Video contents are one of the most effective content types today, which can find its place in every medium. Of course, there are many logical reasons why it is indispensable content for brands and consumers. One of the first reasons that come to mind is that video can support audio and video files and turn them into a meaningful whole.

Video Contents Should Be Used in Which Media?

There are hardly any channels where video content is not used. All platforms are turning to technical improvements and updates to use video content in their own fields. The main reason for this is undoubtedly the place that video content has in our lives. The tendency of the consumer towards video content and the contribution of video to marketing processes are very effective in this regard.


Video content can be easily used in all channels that support video content such as websites owned by brands, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat. Another striking advantage of video content here is that it is scalable. Video content can be scaled regardless of the medium and in accordance with social media. It is possible to customize video content in square, horizontal and vertical scales at times appropriate to the marketing dynamics of the channels. Customizing video content, which is an active part of marketing processes, provides the highest impact from a single video. Marketing packages such as Volans Marketing Bundle, where you can get horizontal, square, vertical versions of a single video content with 59, 30, 15 and 6-second duration options, make a great contribution to these processes. It helps to meet all video needs from a single video agency without going into content production processes with different agencies for content versions. For this reason, it is necessary to make the best use of video content packages and to take part in all existing social media channels with scales and durations appropriate for the channels.

Create the True Video Strategies for Successful Processes!

Although video content offers great benefits to marketing processes, unless it is prepared in line with a solid strategy, it can lead your brand in the wrong direction, or the content may be wasted. As well as producing video content, it is necessary to correctly determine why and for what purposes it is produced. In which channel the video will be broadcast, who will be the target audience, at what time will it be prepared, at what scales it will be produced, and what will be the video production method must be determined correctly. It can be time-consuming and challenging to determine the most accurate strategy for video content, where many elements from the production method to the subject to be told should be taken into consideration. Although many brands have professionals who manage their own communication processes, it may be necessary to seek advice on video, as content such as video may contain different requirements.


The consultancy service offered by video agencies as a service provides the necessary strategic support for video processes. To create successful content, the brand must first determine the subject it will tell and have a good command of the subject. It is important to determine the target audience of the subject in question correctly and to analyze which channels the target audience is in. Then, it needs to determine the most accurate method for video production in accordance with both the subject and consumer expectations. 2- or 3-dimensional animation, video shooting or stock video method can be used to meet the purpose. Other factors may also be effective in choosing the method. Although the video duration is ignored, it can be of great importance in terms of viewer preferences. Because people are now turning to shorter content instead of long videos and they prefer short content while watching. For this reason, it is necessary to consider all the mentioned elements while creating video content and to act by considering the variables. You can easily reach successful results by getting consultancy support from video agencies or creating a strategy yourself as a brand.

Prefer The Content That Your Brand Needs, Not the Popular One!

As video content has become a part of our lives, almost every brand has started to include video content in their communication processes. It started to produce video content for brand promotion, product or service narration or special day celebrations. However, with the increase in content production, many different errors emerged. Of course, the trend of video content and the effect it provides is not unnoticeable. However, when producing video content, it is important not only to produce it but also to determine what it will serve correctly.


Along with the platforms where video content is concentrated, such as TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube, popular video content began to emerge. Challenges, hashtags placed in videos and various movements have resulted in the generation of trending video content from time to time. Although the high visibility of trending videos contributes to the marketing processes of brands, sometimes this can have the opposite effect. Video content that does not match the subject or brand identity can greatly damage the brand image. For this reason, when turning to popular content, it is necessary to pay attention that the content is suitable for the subject and brand identity and that it fully meets the expectations of the target audience. For this reason, when creating video content, brands should focus on video content that is needed for marketing processes, not popular ones. However, it is important not to get the impression that what is popular can always be bad. If the content is compatible with the subject and there is no situation that will harm the brand image, popular content can of course be used.

The Most Effective Video Contents for Your Products and Services

Explaining products and services correctly is an important situation for every brand. Creating promotional videos, content that will facilitate the customer experience or content that will create a sense of trust in the product offers great benefits for brands. For this reason, different types of content prepared by video agencies can be preferred for product and service narration.

Explainer videos are the first to come to mind for product and service narration. Explainer videos enable to convey of the features, benefits and advantages of products and services in the most understandable language. It gives the opportunity to create explanatory content with the use of external sound as well as visual narration with live-action or motion graphic elements. Customer satisfaction is one of the factors that provide great acceleration in marketing processes. For this reason, preparing video content on how products and services are used may be necessary. These contents, which we call how-to videos, are how to use the features on the platform and all the actions that the user will take are explained in descriptive language. Another content is customer experience videos, where the user tells their real experiences about the product. These contents create a sense of trust in the audience and enable sales targets to be achieved quickly.

Professional Touch Strengthens Brand Image!

Being successful in video communication is easier than you might imagine. The important thing is to work with the right people and get professional support for all processes of your video content.

Volans Video Agency provides professional service to many global and nationally known brands in all video production processes. You can contact us to be successful in video communication and produce quality content.

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