New Developments Concerning Video and Advertising World

New Developments Concerning Video and Advertising World

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Here is our article, where we bring together the advertising works of famous video platforms, the investments of world-famous brands, and the significant steps taken about the video...

YouTube the Title Sponsor of VidCon


YouTube replaces TikTok as the title sponsor of this year's VidCon event in California.

Bringing together the world's leading digital content creators, platform inventors and fans, VidCon will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center from June 21 to 24.

It is thought that this move of YouTube, which focuses on content creators, is made to prevent revenue drops.

With this step taken to take a larger share of the content creator market, the YouTube Shorts ecosystem is also expected to revive.


Rapid Development in Netflix Ad Model


Netflix said it was pleased with the early progress it made with the ad-supported tier it launched in November.

The platform plans to prioritize improvements in ad delivery validation, measurement and targeting while refining its sales and operations processes with Microsoft in the coming months.

The company expects at least 10%, and perhaps more, to be covered by the ad-supported tier of its over $30 billion annual revenue.


Metaverse Investment from BOLD


L'Oréal corporate venture capital fund BOLD has announced that it will invest in the US-based Digital Village.

With this investment in Digital Village, which provides services to brands in the Metaverse and NFT market, L'Oréal plans to realize new virtual experiences for its customers.

Digital Village CEO Evelyn MORA commented on this development: “Together we will push the boundaries and breathe new life into the industry, we will set the bar for beauty in Metaverse and Web3.”

With its investment, L'Oréal demonstrates the contribution that new technologies and virtual experiences can make to the world of marketing.

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