Latest News on Video Platforms and Video

Latest News on Video Platforms and Video

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We brought together news about the latest updates on video platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, YouTube and, information about new video technologies.

TV Audience Prefer To Digital


With the introduction of video platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, the TV audience started to turn to digital channels.

Research shows that more than 3 billion internet users watch video content or download videos from any device per month.

It is thought that the number of monthly active users will reach 3.5 billion in 2023 on these platforms, which provide the opportunity to watch independently of time and place and to select content suitable for personal tastes.

AI-Powered Video from Meta


Meta announced Make-A-Video, a new AI-powered video tool based on imagery, in a blog post.

With Make-A-Video, a video can be created by making textual descriptions and motion can be added to a static image. Or, a holistic narrative can be created by adding motion between two images.

Currently, videos of maximum 5 seconds can be prepared with the tool, and edits containing more than one scene or event cannot yet be created.

It is thought that the arrival of Make-A-Video, after tools that can create static images with AI support such as DALL-E and Midjourney, will have a greatly impact on the production processes in the art and advertising world.

Ad Subscription Option from Netflix


Netflix, which has experienced a significant loss of subscribers recently, announced that it will offer an advertising subscription package.

In the advertising subscription option, which will be implemented before 2023, the prices are reduced by almost half, and it is planned to regain the lost subscribers.

This option, which will be active in many different countries such as Canada, England and Germany in the first place, offers a new playground for video advertising brands.

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