Innovations by Famous Technology Companies and Platforms

Innovations by Famous Technology Companies and Platforms

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Here is our news article that includes different developments such as a new advertising product from Microsoft, a digital animated dress from Adobe and advertising solution packages from Snapchat!

New Advertising Platform by Microsoft



Microsoft launched a new product called "Microsoft Advertising Network" for retailers.


The platform allows businesses to build and run their own retail media programs by providing access to Microsoft's existing demand, advertising supply, and customer base.


With the platform, which is now available in the USA, retailers will be able to quickly establish their own retail media networks and develop their existing retail media networks.



Adobe is Changing the Future of Fashion

Adobe Primrose


Adobe introduced the digitally animated dress called "Primrose", which can change patterns, at the Adobe MAX 2023 event held in Los Angeles recently.


The design of the dress can change in real-time, thanks to the flexible scale-like screens on it with light-emitting modules.


"Fashion doesn't have to be static; it can be dynamic and even interactive. And we're excited for a future where there are more ways to express yourself," said Christine Dierk, the scientist who introduced the dress. expressed his words.


This innovative technology opens the door to new possibilities in the world of fashion, marketing, and wearable products.



New Advertising Solutions by Snapchat



Snapchat has launched a new suite of advertising solutions called "Creator Collaboration Campaigns".


With the new campaign, Snapchat is introducing features that will make it easier for brands to work with the creator community on the platform.


The package includes different features such as API for creator discovery, story embedding, paid affiliate tags, etc., which make it easier to identify existing creators.

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