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How to Write a Video Content Brief?

How to Write a Video Content Brief?

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Before we can prepare the right and effective video content, we need you to prepare a brief according to our professional guidelines.

The only thing you need to pay attention to the agency briefing or preparing brief is to explain exactly what you want and need.

Before preparing the right video content, brief preparation guide is with you with Volans Video Agency.

Why Do You Need This Video?


Determine your video content needs clearly. Explain your aim to yourself and then to your agency. Your goal should be included in the brief.


Do not hesitate to give details, touch on specific topics. Be completely honest. The clearer the target audience you are trying to reach, the status of your brand and the problem you are trying to solve by using video content, the more the point shot will be.

Who is The Target Audience?

You should have a clear stance on your target audience. Who will you watch your video on? Is it directly to consumers, to your employees or to your competitors?


Each video changes shape according to its target audience. The videos prepared for consumers or employees are different from each other. The audience you want to reach demographically will directly affect the visual and narrative language of the video.


And an indispensable detail; specify what your target audience will feel after watching your video, the message it will receive, or the sentence it will say to the person next to it.

What is Your Main Message?

You can determine the general lines and go to the main message of the video.

Keep your message as short and lean as possible. You must determine the right point where you want the team that will produce the video to focus on. Trying to say a lot with a single video often fails.

Once you have identified the main message, you can support it with a sub message. These two related messages or ideas will be the starting point of your video during the production phase.

Which Platforms will You Use?

On which platforms you will publish your video, it is very important at the production stage. YouTube, Facebook or Instagram… The dynamics of each platform work differently. The expectations and reflexes of the followers of each platform are different.

The production team will determine the equipment selection, video duration, design language or message type according to the platform on which your video will be published.


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