How to Prepare a Company Promotion Film?

How to Prepare a Company Promotion Film?

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Company promotional videos are very effective content in defining the development of brands in many ways and highlighting their important position in the sector.

Firms carry out various activities that will contribute positively to their image on an annual or periodic basis. Advertising activities, communication studies and social benefit studies are some of them. Considering the impact of these studies, which helped to gain a leading position in the sector, video content has a large share. Preparing a corporate promotion film, which reflects the company's ideas, vision and view of the sector and sharing it with people, helps to reach the target audience in a short time. It also helps to achieve brand goals in less time. In this blog post, we will talk about many topics related to promotion videos through the question "What is a company promotion film?"

What is the Promotion Film?

The promotional film is video content that provides a description of the brand, product, or service using visual and auditory elements. Promotional films, which help to support the brand image as well as the marketing objectives, support the brands to carry out effective and integrated communication work. İt is very effective content in delivering the subjects and information determined by brands, institutions, or organizations to the target audience. Since promotion videos are more memorable compared to written and verbal content, each brand must include it in its communication strategy. It is important for brands that have not created a promotion film or promotion video about any product before to stand out in the sector, to include video content in their strategies, considering communication trends. For this reason, the advancement of brands by getting consultancy and video production support from video agencies experienced in the video will ensure successful results.


What are the Promotional Film Types?

Promotional films are one of the types of video content that can be produced for different purposes. Promotional videos can be prepared for product promotion, service promotion, company promotion or to promote an institution. In promotional films, it is essential to make an effective preparation before proceeding to the production phase. It is necessary to determine the target audience well, to determine the purpose correctly, to determine on which channels and on which date it will be broadcast in the most accurate way. It is very important to prepare a study in parallel with the brand strategies and to create the video strategy in this direction. For this reason, before creating a promotional film, getting consultancy services from video agencies on video strategy production or on any video-related issue will enable successful works to emerge.

Promotional films or promotional videos are divided into different video types. Launch videos prepared to describe a product or service that will be launched for the first time can be given as an example of promotional videos. These contents, called explainer videos, are very effective in promoting a product or service to the target audience. It helps to effectively form the first impression of the product or service on the target audience. Other promotional video types are product introductions, corporate promotional videos, or service presentations.

How to Prepare a Factory Promotional Film?

Production areas are facilities that enable brands to exist in the market and are prepared to meet consumer needs. Videos containing these areas, which are a physical reflection of the power of brands, are produced and used effectively in communication studies. Factory promotional films are prepared to emphasize production capacity, highlight export rates and show the power of brands to the target audience. Factory promotional films or factory promotional videos are very effective content in defining the development of brands in many ways and highlighting their important position in the sector. It gives the opportunity to explain the latest technology machines used in the factory, the software prepared to improve production, to show every innovation made in the name of production to the target audience, and to share the innovative side of the brand with people. Factory promotional films, which are effective in easily demonstrating the brand vision, are shared in different channels, allowing them to reach both the target audience and potential customers. It provides great benefits in terms of reaching new customers or establishing new collaborations.


Acting carefully and diligently while preparing factory promotional films, which have very positive effects in terms of brand image, is valid for these video contents as well as for any video content. Many factors such as the production method of the factory promotional video, the camera used, in-video texts, shooting angles are effective in terms of the quality of the content. 360-degree video footage, drone footage, shots from machinery and software in the production area are made for factory promotional films. In addition to these, it is necessary to learn the brand expectations in the best way during the preparation phase and to determine the points to be highlighted in the video. Before preparing this content, which is effective in producing quality and effective content, successful video content can be produced by getting consultancy support from video agencies.

Why Brands Should Prepare Corporate Promotional Videos?

Brands engage in various activities to make an impact on the target audience and to become a brand. These studies, which directly affect sales and marketing targets, have a large share in the formation processes of brands. Producing studies that will support image studies is one of the most important facts among these activities. It is very important for brands, institutions, or organizations to express themselves and to produce content that talks about the brand vision. When we look at today's consumer habits, it is seen that video content is mostly preferred for communication or information acquisition purposes. For this reason, brands, institutions, or organizations should prepare corporate promotional videos in which they can express themselves, taking into account the preferences of the target audience.


Corporate promotional videos are the contents that enable to convey of the vision of the institution or brand with both visual and auditory expressions. It allows the strong and cinematic images of the organization to appear simultaneously while the brand manager is talking about achievements, important works, or future goals. This is very supportive in terms of creating an effective position in the minds of the target audience and strengthening the brand image. It helps to increase the impact of the content by supporting a strong sentence that the audience perceives audibly with an impressive visual. This situation, which is very beneficial in terms of image, helps the brand to express itself in the most effective way and to increase the brand value in a short time. It should also be considered that brands that explain their vision and successes with effective content such as video in sectors where competition is intense can take their position to the best level.

What are Promotional Film Prices?

Promotional film prices may vary depending on many factors. The duration of the video, the equipment to be used, the shooting area, the use of a cast, the production method and all imaginable factors affect the budget. The production method of video content is one of the most decisive factors in this case. Because the requirements of a promotional film to be prepared with live video shoots are different, while the budget items of the promotional video produced with 2D, 3D or customizable stock video methods differ. However, budget optimization can also be achieved by producing video solutions that meet the needs and expectations of brands. To produce the most effective promotional video with the most accurate budget, getting support from video agencies in budget optimization and producing content in this direction will ensure a more manageable process.

Get Professional Support for Quality Promotional Videos!

Getting professional support from experienced video agencies for the production processes of all video content, such as corporate promotional videos, explainer videos that promote products and services, or success story videos that support brand image, will enable the production of quality video content.

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