Current Advertising News in Social Media

Current Advertising News in Social Media

  • 11.17.2023 190 Liked
Here is our article where we bring together news about different developments such as out-of-home advertising solution from TikTok, AI Friend from Instagram, and new advertising opportunities from Meta!

Out of Home Advertising Solution by TikTok



TikTok recently introduced an out-of-home advertising solution called "Out of Phone".


Out of Phone allows brands to use TikTok content in additional placements, including billboards, kiosks, and theater screens.


Designed with special programs to suit the target audience in specific areas and locations, this solution is regularly updated to include relevant TikTok content according to version details.



AI Friend by Instagram



Instagram is working on a new feature called 'AI Friend' that allows users to create their own customizable artificial intelligence-powered imaginary friends.


Customizable parameters in the AI Friend feature include choices such as ethnicity, personality traits and interests.


Users will be able to give a name and choose a special avatar to the AI Friend chatbot, which is currently in the development stages.



New Advertising Opportunities by Meta



Meta plans to introduce next-generation advertising tools and AI features that enable lead generation for advertisers.


Advertisers aiming to generate leads will be able to apply AI features for targeting, creative, placements and budget in the Meta Advantage suite of ad automation products.


Through these innovations, Meta aims to increase interaction with advertisers using its application family.

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