Current Advertising and Security Solutions on Platforms

Current Advertising and Security Solutions on Platforms

  • 01.10.2024 56 Liked
Our article brings together news on security initiatives from YouTube Shorts, a recap advertising campaign on Twitch, and the leadership of Instagram Reels in branded videos!

Security Initiative from YouTube Shorts


YouTube has announced an expansion of its partnership with third-party measurement platforms Integral Ad Science (IAS) and DoubleVerify to ensure brand safety in advertising campaigns using the Shorts video format.


IAS, within the existing 'Total Media Quality for YouTube' product range, will offer brand safety and compliance measurement products to YouTube Shorts advertisers.


DoubleVerify, focusing on platform features that track the visibility and invalid measurements of short video format ads, is expanding its existing YouTube brand safety measurement capabilities.



Twitch Recap Advertising Campaign


Twitch is celebrating the fourth edition of its year-end Recap with a new horizontal scrolling game and reinforcing it with a broadcaster-focused marketing campaign.


Supported by a series of marketing campaigns, including completed in-house game design, social media activities, and in-stream chat opportunities, the move exemplifies the platform's marketing strategy of connecting, supporting, and uplifting the community.



Leading in Branded Videos on Reels


According to a new study by customer interaction company Emplifi, branded video content published on Instagram Reels performs better than on other platforms.


The research, analyzing thousands of different social media accounts, reveals that longer Reels have more video views compared to videos on TikTok.


Additionally, Instagram Reels outperforms the platform's own Stories feature, increasing the reach of Stories by six times.

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