Advantages of Using Interactive Videos for Companies

Advantages of Using Interactive Videos for Companies

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Interactive videos are called the next generation of video. Because able to add options and interactions to video.

Ordinary videos can only offer their viewers opportunities to play, pause, and rewind. Unlike ordinary videos, interactive video gives its audience the opportunity to interact with and control the content being played.  


Interactive video is an application far beyond play, pause and rewind options. With this application, video viewers can choose and have detailed information about the content offered. Research shows that the sense of control that interactive videos provide to users improves cognitive learning ability in the viewer. 

What is Interactive video? What is it used for? 


Interactive video is a method used by brands who can keep up with the times to attract the attention of their consumers and achieve digital marketing goals. Interactive video is generally used for human management, learning and resource development through audience experience.

Interactive videos are called the next generation of video content. This is because you are able to add options and interactions to your video content. With the options and interactions you add, you can invite video viewers to be part of the video content. Learning takes place with the participation of the audience, and it becomes easier to turn the learned knowledge into behavior.

Next-generation video content types can give users the opportunity to become one of the producers of the content, as well as to be involved in the content. Useful information can be obtained about the aspects they participate in and the participants. Ordinary videos give viewers the chance to see content from only one angle. 

Interactive videos present the content to its audience at a 360-degree angle. For this reason, interactive video can be used to enhance the focus of courses in educational institutions, to decide on customer-oriented strategies in marketing firms, and to expand the data pools of research companies on survey issues. 

Advantages of interactive videos for brands 

Interactive videos can help customers communicate with the brand through the options and referrals it offers. Thanks to the content they feature, interactive videos can direct customers and consumers to click on the option placed in the video, shop here, and play games. Interactive video that is used to connect brands and products is a great application to bring customers to the purchasing stage.

Customers who progress through the options offered by brands can provide information about the brands' products and the products they are to produce. A phone brand can determine the color of the phone, the size of the phone, and the features demanded in the phone that it will design with an interactive video that it has created to get an audience experience. 


Interactive video content
and the way contents are used can help stick your brand name and products in viewers' minds. Interactive video is more catchy than ordinary video content. For this reason, it has become a widely used marketing tool today.

Brands and marketing companies use interactive videos to find and develop products and services that best appeal to their target audience.

Interactive communication between customers and brands can provide more interaction than ordinary videos. Thanks to this interaction, brands can enjoy being always one step ahead.

The options and redirects offered by interactive video are considered fun by users. Therefore, you can make use of interactive videos both to please users and to achieve your brand goals. To benefit from the interactive videos and get more information, you may get support from the services department of Volans Video Agency.

Channels to Use Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are very important in meeting the needs of brands and strengthening the consumer-brand relationship. Interactive videos can be used to utilize consumer experiences in marketing, shopping, advertising and entertainment.

You can present the content that brands render as to their products and marketing strategies to users through videos that use interactive communication. To make content creative, brands can use gamification and filmization methods. User experiences can be obtained with the plot-line and brand directions created by these methods.

It is important that creative content is presented in a way that will enable users to make their own selections and reflect their interests. Products of a brand can be presented to users in a fun and fluid way using interactive videos. It is important at the stage of establishing customer communication with your brand and product that the viewers are able to make selections as the main character of the video. You can enrich interactive videos with creative stories, impressive visuals and music.

How catchy your brand is depends on the extent to which video viewers are attracted. Brands can add their products and services to videos thanks to the next-generation video content types. In this way, customers can be encouraged to benefit from the product of the brand. To support encouragement, you can place your products and website in an interactive video.

Owing to its system and content layout, interactive video is a unique service to exhibit the products of brands. By using this service, brands can have a brand image that meets their expectations. Interactive video content is intended to increase the click rate and shopping rate of brands' products. Finding content in a video that will lead the customer to the brand and service makes it easier for brands to create visitor data.

With created visitor data, brands can improve themselves and invest in the future. You can also contact Volans Video Agency, a video content partner, for your brand development and marketing strategies, and professionally prepare interactive videos that are creative and suitable for your brand.

Interactive Videos for Education

Currently, the presence of digital products in all areas affects the functioning of schools, workplaces, and other educational institutions. Phone, Internet, and mobile applications feature interactive communication. Therefore, today's digital student now demands interactive communication in all areas. Interactive videos are gripping as they involve students in content.

Interactive videos, regardless of company or school education, support the student to be active in the lesson. Referrals, questions, and surveys in the interactive video support the student's participation in the lesson and content. The next generation of video content displayed to students improves the students' ability to foresee, analyze and explain.

This application encouraging students to make predictions also helps remember previously learned information. Interactive videos that ask the students' opinions are more effective in the learning process than ordinary videos. At the same time, the participation process in videos increases students' motivation, focus, and interest in the course.

Students who are able to make selections in interactive videos can more easily understand what situations they may face with their decisions.

Interactive videos can also be utilized in pre-recruitment training. Use of interactive videos before recruitment can prevent both labor and time loss for your company. Furthermore, it can reduce the stress and anxiety that may occur on the prospective employee. By using interactive videos, you can present the structure of your company, the requirements of the position you are seeking for, the opportunities that your company offers to the employees.

With this content, a candidate applying for a job can have an idea of your brand, the functioning of your company, and your expectations from her/him. You can also turn workdays into content through interactive videos to give more information to job applicants and save on the trial period.

In this way, the applicant can have an idea of the requirements and responsibilities of the position he/she accepts when he/she starts work. Thanks to the selections made by the candidate employee in the interactive video, the employer can get to know this individual. In this way, the candidate employee can decide whether the job is suitable for him or her. After an interactive video that yields positive results for both parties, face-to-face meetings can be arranged. With these aspects, interactive videos have a great place in education and training.

You can have an audience experience through interactive videos with the support of Volans Video Agency. You can visit Volans video Agency to be always one step ahead in consumer strategies with interactive video technology, and create interactive videos that are best suited for your brand, effective management of your recruitment process, or your educational institution. 




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