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Why Video Adaptation is Important?

Why Video Adaptation is Important?

  • 08.11.2022 18 Liked
Video adaptation, is the making of the same video content in horizontal, vertical, or square scales. This process allows the videos to be visible on different channels simultaneously.

Video is taking firm steps toward becoming the indispensable content type of our age. It is thought that these contents, which appear in almost every medium and inevitably lead us to the play icon, will appear in different ways in the future.

Of course, the consumer, that is, the audience has a large share in the preference of video content adapted with different dimensions in many channels. Video content, which can meet the need for information instantly and provide the opportunity to get information effortlessly, also provides an enjoyable viewing experience. For this reason, brands, institutions, or organizations should evaluate the video sizing method to be in different channels with the same content and to provide visibility in virtual environments with different target audiences.

Place In All Media Channels with Video Adaptation!

Most of us now know that video is one of the most important parts of a brand's marketing process. One of the other important points is to evaluate such important content in the most accurate way and to use it in the most effective way. Considering that the social media channels are updating with new add-ons and features every day, it becomes very important to consider these updates while producing videos.


There are many areas where brands can share their video content. In fact, there is almost no social media channels or digital platform where video is not shared. The main reason for this is, of course, consumer demand, which is created by the speed and ease of video in conveying information. For this reason, it is necessary to make the videos as visible as possible on digital platforms and social media channels. It is of great importance to prepare it in different scales such as horizontal, vertical and square and to achieve the highest efficiency from the video. Because even in one media channel, different scales may be needed, but when the benefit from video content prepared at different scales is seen with the video adaptation method, which can be easily done by video agencies, it will be seen more clearly how effective it is.

What is Video Adaptation?

Video resizing, also known as video adaptation, is the making of the same video content in horizontal, vertical, or square scales. Thanks to this process, which allows the videos to be visible on different channels simultaneously, brands gain many benefits. It provides easy access to the target audience and potential customers by ensuring that the content is visible on all channels owned by brands such as YouTube, Instagram, website, and Snapchat. It helps brands that plan to appeal to various age groups with the same product, to reach all target groups without being stuck in one channel.

Be Visible in Different Media Channels with Different Video Scales!

Communication is one of the indispensable elements of our lives from the past to the present. Considering the marketing and sales processes, it is one of the most vital issues for the brand. It is known that communication studies, one of the subjects that companies think about most for their marketing processes, are carried out with different contents, but it is of course useful to look at which content they prefer the most while preparing these studies.

While brands are producing content, they act in line with their marketing strategies and certain goals. It determines its communication activities by considering various factors such as the channels where the target audience spends time, the tools they use to obtain information, their content preferences, their location, and age. So much so that when looking at various marketing statistics such as Wyzowl, there is data that people watch an explainer video to learn about a product or service. For this reason, it is necessary not to limit the video content, which is very effective in convincing the consumer, to a single channel and to scale it in accordance with other channels. Even if your video content is used in one single medium, it may need different scales. Because many social media channels can include innovations such as adding features and updating, considering consumer needs. In addition to static images, it can enrich the application by adding features such as ''Story and Reels''. It is of great importance to consider these features, which are generally useful for facilitating video watching from devices, and to size videos at appropriate scales.

How to Video Adaptation?

Video Adaptation, also known as video adaptation, is one of the best ways to gain visibility and increase brand awareness among the target audience. For the video adaptation process made out by video agencies, it is important to determine your target audience and the medium you will be involved in at the very beginning of the production process and to inform the agency you are collaborating with. However, in some cases, brands that are indecisive about this issue can act with the right strategies by getting consultancy support from the video agency.


With the determination of the channels where the video content will take place and the transition to the pre-production processes, the content production phase begins. In this process, which will be realized with animation or live-action technique, works are carried out in accordance with the scales and the process is completed in accordance with the scales. However, in some cases, a need may arise on different scales for completed video content. In this case, you can proceed by performing operations on the project file for animation contents. However, it may be necessary to shoot again for live action. For this reason, it is essential to correctly determine the channels and video scales at the first stage of the production process.

What Video Sizes Should Be Used on YouTube?

Research indicates that people turn to YouTube the most after Google for getting information purposes. In a problem encountered in daily life, such as repairs, people search for videos to get information. Or he turns to look for an explainer video where he can get information about a product he will use. For this reason, it becomes very valuable for brands to be featured on YouTube with various videos such as explainer videos, how-to videos, testimonial videos, as well as product or service promotions.


It is used in vertical videos as well as horizontal videos on YouTube. YouTube that we are used to seeing horizontal video scales, because of the video trends, it uses vertical-scale story videos have also started to appear. One of the biggest benefits YouTube adds to brands' marketing processes is, of course, video ads. 30, 15 and 6-second skippable or non-skippable horizontal videos that can be inserted into videos related to the product or service are very effective in marketing processes.

What are Featured Video Sizes on Instagram?

Instagram, which has been in our lives since 2010 and has a great share in the emergence of new professions such as influencers, continues to develop by adding new features to itself every day. This platform, which has millions of users around the world, is a wide channel where people share their own lives and work. But it is also a huge marketing area for brands. It gives the opportunity to reach many people in a short time, especially with the tags and explore features.


Instagram continues to add various features such as "Reel, IG tv, Story and Places" as video content becomes popular. In this case, of course, the orientation of the users is quite effective. Especially with the show-up of the Reel feature, the habit of users adding photos has left itself to the video. And users likewise prefer video content more often for entertainment or information purposes instead of static images. Taking these factors into account, brands continue to transmit videos on Instagram in line with their target audiences. He produces videos on horizontal and vertical scales and shares them on Instagram. Brands are not only limited to their own followers but also can easily reach potential customers through explore features by using tags. Instagram also offer the opportunity to create advertisements.

Get Professional Support for Video Adaptation Processes!

The video adaptation is extremely effective to gain simultaneous visibility and increase brand awareness in all media. Diversifying video content with different video durations on horizontal, vertical, and square scales will bring successful marketing processes.

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