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What is Video Agency?

What is Video Agency?

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Video agencies mixed with the creative advertising agencies and production companies can be thought of as melting the job description and services of both entities in one pot.

'Creative video agencies' ready to work for brands!

Now it's time to add the video agency to the agency types we are already familiar with, such as creative advertising agency, social media agency, pr agency, communication, and media planning agency. Video agencies, which are the solution partners of the new age, are organizations that serve from the first stage of the video to the last stage and incorporate all the creative processes.

Video Agencies, Solution Partner of the New Age!

Video agencies that offer video solutions suitable for the needs of the new age are agencies that ensure that brands, institutions, and organizations continue to produce video content on a regular basis. They are formations that ensure that services such as consultancy, creativity, production, and post-production required during the production stages of the video are met by professionals. It is thought that the video agencies, whose names we have heard frequently recently, will continue to be effective in the future thanks to the opportunities they offer to communication studies and the contributions they provide to brand awareness.


Video agencies suppose with creative advertising agencies and production companies can be thought of as melting the job description and services of both entities in one pot. The creative aspect of the advertising agency and the application stages of the production company are carried out together in video agencies.

Build Your Strategy Most Accurately by Consulting Service!

By video content becoming a part of advertising, many brands have begun to shape their communication strategies in this direction. It is also known that video content, which allows experiencing visual and auditory elements together, is very effective in achieving brand goals in a short time. Progressing carefully at all stages of video content, which is so effective for brands to achieve successful results and getting video agency services will ensure a quality process.

As in every subject, expertise and experience are important to have effective knowledge of video. Video agencies are organizations that work with professional people in this regard, and they provide consultancy services to brands to create the most accurate strategies. The consultancy service, which covers three separate elements as a video marketing consultancy, video budget optimization, and video strategy creation, allows brands to progress with a certain roadmap.


Video marketing consultancy, which provides information about the importance and effects of video content in marketing actions, allows brands to act more consciously about video content. One of the most important issues for brands when preparing any advertisement is the budget. Video agencies provide the most accurate budget by the demands and needs of the brands. It applies budget optimization in parallel with the pricing feedback of the brands. Every brand has an annual strategy. To use an effective tool such as video in the most beneficial way, it is necessary to prepare video strategies suitable for brand strategies. Video agencies, which are experts in video strategy creation, make plans by brand strategies and control video content production for the channels where the brand wants to be.

Tell Your Brand by Most Original Content!

Creativity is one of the most effective elements that have a place in every field and stands out without exception. This factor, which brands, institutions, and organizations should pay attention to while preparing content, has a great share in increasing awareness. The creative element that video agencies position as a service is very effective in creating quality content. The creative element, which has a great impact on the awareness of both the brand and the video agency, ensures successful results in a short time.


There are many sub-titles within the creativity service in video agencies. Art direction for designs suitable for brands' corporate identity and target audience; video content writing, commonly known as copywriting, to transform the brand's message into an effective scenario with the most accurate content; SEO supported video production to increase content interaction rates, to produce video content in line with an SEO analysis and targeting; There are creation processes called video gamification for gamified video content suitable for the target audience and platform. The creativity service provided by video agencies under separate headings is one of the most important elements that increase brand awareness and reach marketing targets in a short time.

The Heart of the Video: The Production Process!

Production is a very laborious and complex process that can be easily accomplished with the right planning and a professional team. Although it is thought of as a service provided only by production companies, this perception has begun to collapse with the proliferation of video agencies recently.


The production process, which is a service owned by video agencies, is one of the most important stages of the video production phase. It is the process that enables video content to occur in a concrete sense. Video agencies have many services related to the production process. 2D Design & Animation, which is one of the most well-known production methods, is the content that is created by the animation of visual elements in a 2D universe. Animation-supported video production service of video agencies is another service they provide to make the content more interesting. Virtual events solutions, one of the needs brought by the developing technology, are a service that is included in this stage with appropriate designs and necessary technical support. Another virtual solution is 360-degree video shooting. This solution, which maximizes the user experience, enables one to reach the sales targets in a short time. Another production service that comes to mind first is video shooting. This process, which takes place with an experienced team of directors, is the most well-known service of video agencies. Remote working, which is the system that the new world order has brought to many sectors, has also provided a new solution for video shooting. The remote shooting method is an effective solution that prevents the elements such as time and space from becoming a problem by providing the necessary kit support for video agencies. 3D design & animation, which are preferred to create realistic spaces and prepare effective content, are the contents created by modeling in a 3D universe for the expression of products or services. Interactive content, which has been frequently heard in the cinema-television industry recently, can turn into content that brands can get reportable results with, by interactive videos prepared by video agencies. Another service within the scope of the production service is live broadcasting that can be prepared for all platforms. Drone video shooting and time-lapse video services are also included in the production service. All the services that must be done before the preparation process is called pre-production. This service, which is provided by video agencies without performing any stage of the production process, ensures the emergence of quality and successful works.

The Stage That Turns Your Project into Video Content: Post-Production!

The final stage of the production phase of the videos is called post-production. This process, in which the final touches of the video are made and ready for broadcast, is very valuable in terms of bringing successful results to the content.


Post-production is a process that includes different services. These services are shaped according to the needs of the video content. Motion graphic animation is the process by which shot videos are made visually appealing. AR/VR video applications service is provided to maximize the viewer experience. Video edit, the process by which video footage is added one after another and becomes a meaningful flow, is one of the most well-known services. 360-degree video stitching, color correction, visual effects/VFX, audio mixing/SFX, dubbing, transcription & subtitle merging are also services included in the post-production process.

Why Should You Work with a Video Agency?

Video agencies specialize in video. It creates a video marketing strategy for you, produces the video that fits your strategy, and measures it at the final stage. Volans Video Agency, which optimizes your animation or shot the video with details such as idea, concept, scenario, design, shooting, editing, dubbing, subtitles, promises the right planning and effective cooperation in the sector with its brand management and consultancy services. Thanks to Volans, you get rid of inter-agency e-mail piles in the video content production process. Your video content is produced in a single structure by going through continuous control-approval stages. Thus, the process of owning video content becomes easier to intervene and interpret.

Volans Video Agency is open to all collaborations that will benefit your brand. It takes care of your media purchasing and production budgets by cooperating with the agencies you work with and helps you produce profitable and useful content in long-term projects. Take your place in internet traffic by contacting Volans Video Agency, which believes in the spirit of being a team and makes progress together as a principle!

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