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What are the Types of Video Content?

What are the Types of Video Content?

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As Volans Video Agency, we have brought you video content types that are suitable for different marketing strategies and will help you reach your goals.

We all know the power of the video. In order to use this power correctly, you should choose the type of content that best suits your purpose among video content.

Corporate Promotional Videos

These are videos promoting your brand or business, telling your target audience about your services and your ability to do business. Thanks to this video content type, you can share your workspace, expertise and interesting information about your business with your target audience or potential business partners.

Animation Videos (Explainer / How To / Micro Content Videos)

These are videos that describe your products or services to your target audience with the help of animation graphics. You can explain the functioning, difference and benefit of your product or service through this type of video content.

Descriptive videos are seen as the most effective way to introduce a new product or service to the consumer.

It shows the benefits of the product and service directly to the consumer with the videos of “How To / How To” that explains the use of the product during the purchase decision phase or after the purchase.

Besides answering how-to videos, videos that answer frequently asked questions increase both your sales and your connection with the consumer.

Micro Contents are short contents with pill information in the world where time is gaining value day by day. Macro results can be obtained with micro content, which is short but effective videos, on YouTube video pre ads.


Customer Experience (Testimonial) Videos

The most important thing for a brand is its experience for its end-user. You cannot get new customers by waiting where you live. Direct the question sets prepared for the goals of your brand by the expert editors of Volans Video Agency to your customers. Have a video where your end users convey their positive experiences with a fiction of answers you want to hear.

Thus, let your advertisers do the service, not you.

Event Videos

It is a type of video content that describes the activities of your brand. It plays an important role in corporate memory building and corporate brand positioning. Show that you are an active brand, increase your reputation by sharing the activities for your target audience in your social media accounts and channels.

Training / Expertise Videos

You should prepare videos that show your expertise both for your employees in internal communication and for your target audience. You can give your employees training to developers and consumers better through this video content type.

You can take your brand a step further with expertise videos that tell your target audience that you are experts in your work and that will enable you to differentiate from your competitors.

New Generation Video Content Types

Technology does not stop where it stops. Video technologies are developing and changing with demand. 360/180-degree videos, Augmented Reality (VR) videos, interactive videos, video mapping, personalized videos, shoppable videos

Consumer experience is becoming more important than anything else. With new generation video content types, you can create an emotional connection between them and your brand by providing unique experiences to your consumers and reach more people more effectively with your innovative face.


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