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The Most Effective Way of Explaining Your Brand; Promotion Videos

The Most Effective Way of Explaining Your Brand; Promotion Videos

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Digitalization and video technology's advancement by supporting each other makes the video even more inevitable.

Promotion: It is a method that enables people to be aware of a product or content. It allows you to transmit whatever you want to communicate to people in a written or visual format. It ensures that many of your projects, such as services, products, events, or corporate identity are known to your target audience.

It is known that the opportunities and innovations by technology also affect the promotion. Verbal and written content is being replaced by visual content. Especially the convenience provided by the video makes video content preferable. Video increases its effectiveness day by day thanks to the innovations and creative touches brought by today's technology. Digitalization makes information more accessible and video is one of the tools that support this speed. Digitalization and video technology's advancement by supporting each other makes the video even more inevitable. For this reason, brands often prefer to video as a promotional tool.

The trust created by the video enables a fast connection with the target audience. It allows the customer to get to know the brand better and potential customers have an idea about the brand. With its scalability and adaptability to all channels, more people can be reached.

What Kind of Promotional Videos Can Be Produced?

Promotional videos can be prepared for many topics. It is possible to prepare for everything you plan to promote such as corporate identity, product promotion, event, website promotion. The important thing here is to know your target group well and to create content suitable for them. The video style you will determine, the language you will use, and the message to be given are the most important factors. You should frequently include visual and audio elements that define your brand in the video. In this way, when the customer sees an item related to your brand or product, they establish a connection and easily remember your brand.

Express Your Brand Identity Effectively by Corporate Promotional Videos!

Corporate promotional videos are one of the most important video contents you will prepare for your brand. It can be considered as a visual reflection of your corporate identity. How you want to position in the mind of your target group is determined easily with these videos. Therefore, the visual and audio elements used in the video are very important. The colors that reflect your brand, the visual language used, and the chosen music must match your corporate identity. You should reflect your professional attitude in these videos that will increase your brand awareness and corporate image. Proceeding with the professional approach from the preparation process to the production process allows you to get successful results. It increases your brand value against the target audience and your competitors.

Gain Your Target Group’s Trust by Product Promotion Videos!

Product promotion videos consist of content that provides detailed information about a product. With the video taking an active role in our lives, product promotion videos have also increased.

One of the main reasons for this situation is related to people's desire to have detailed information about a product before purchasing it. It gives more confidence to see the product in detail from every angle rather than a written text. Especially, if customers shopping online, their desire will be stronger. Explainer videos that contain product promotion are an effective method to eliminate this curiosity on the customer side. It increases the customer's confidence in the product and the brand.

The decrease in-store visits and the increase in online shopping due to the pandemic also increased the demand for product experience videos. Research shows that the most searched page after Google is YouTube. Customers prefer YouTube, where they can find product-related content instead of website visits. People choose to watch video content where they see a one-to-one user experience rather than explanations. Because the customer who cannot touch and experience the product wants to have detailed information about that product. For this reason, customers prefer to video content that user's thoughts and experience about the product. The customer who watching the product experience videos makes the purchase faster.

Increase Your Website Visits by User Experience Videos

Your website or the application can be defined as your hand in the digital world. A digital world with the identity of your brand, your products, your projects, your contact information, and a lot of information that defines you. For this reason, you may need video products that will enable people to be aware of your website and to navigate easily within the site.


The opportunities brought by digitalization give the opportunity for people to make almost all things online. Clothing, food, banking, and many sectors are work online. Therefore, the website you have is of great importance in terms of the progress of your business processes. For your customers to spend productive and quality time on your website, they need information about the use of the site. When the customer visits the site, he must know how to become a member and how to make the purchase. The most effective method to speed up these processes is website promotional videos. Because every brand or company has its own website designs. A car company website and a food company website are prepared in different styles. Therefore, your website is needed explainer videos to promote. It is tiring and troublesome for the customer to understand it in writing. For this reason, it is more beneficial for the customer to make a video with the website's own screens or stylized images. Visual expression and voiceover will ensure that the customer understands in a short time and is immediately active on the website. Explainer videos prepared for your website with titles such as "how to become a member?", "How to order?", "How to track an order?" allows your customers to adapt to the site immediately. The fact that the video can be easily spread also allows the website to visit rates to increase.

Achieve Your Goals Easily by Event Promotion Videos

Organizing events is one of the most important ways to increase the image of brands. Every organized event increases brand awareness and value. However, it is also important to inform people about your event. For your event to achieve its purpose, certain participation is required. The most effective and easiest way to inform people about the events is to prepare promotional videos.

Video spreads faster, especially by the opportunities offered by digital infrastructure and technological tools. The event has a specific day and time. Therefore, participants should be informed as quickly as possible. It is known that desktop videos prepared as a collage or 2D, presented from previous events, affect more than written items. A promotional video describing your event will help you to have a successful event and achieve your goals easily.

Share Your Videos on the Media You Want

Corporate promotion, event, or product videos can be used in any medium you want. Through the easily scalable nature of the video, it is possible to share your video on every channel where your company is located. You can reach more people by sharing it on many channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. Each channel you share allows you to reach different customer groups. Determining the target audience of your video will contribute to the video you have prepared to reach its purpose.

The contribution of promotional videos to brand awareness and value is an undeniable fact. Producing video content suitable for your target audience using different video products will make you more visible on social media. The professional support you will receive in the preparation and production processes of your videos will be effective in achieving your goals. If you want to reach your target audience effectively and stand out among your competitors, you can contact Volans Video Agency.

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