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Remote-Controlled Video Contents

Remote-Controlled Video Contents

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The video that can be remotely created with the remote working system will direct your video strategies and enable you to access professional contents.

The video that can be remotely created with the remote working system will direct your video strategies and enable you to access professional contents. With your content, you can continue to improve your brand recognition without moving away from today’s trends even in the most tumultuous times. In this period, increasing the share of online channels in your sales will help you to keep your market share safe even when there are any fluctuations. If you want to get a slice of the cake as well, you need to emphasise video content while preparing your product promotions. When you use high-frequency video content for this purpose, your brand will be ahead of your competitors. You can demand remotely managed video content with maximum benefit and with minimum effort without compromising professional implementation and increase your efficiency with video marketing. You can always keep the interest alive to your products and services with live content while coming up with attention-grabbing and that actively uses vectorial elements.

Desktop Video Content Types

Desktop videos are defined as video contents prepared on computers without having to shoot any videos. There is no need for setup or shooting when you could create these videos. on pcs. Our creative team will make the most suitable video content to match your needs and targets with your guidance and creates remotely manageable animation and videos. The content can be classified under different titles based on your needs.

You can have different contents in any concept you need within the rich animation portfolio of Volans and strengthen your promotion efforts in a short time with appealing animation videos. 

Explainer Video Content

Basically, these contents underline the properties of the products or service you sell in detail. For ideal product promotion, a video with 1-1.5 minutes of length will be enough. The first 10 seconds in these informative videos about the product are highly valuable. Therefore, you can use the first 10 seconds to show the most striking details.

By using remote video creating methods for explainer videos, you can add details to the content that will reflect the true and efficient properties of your product without leaving your table and change details such as visual and audial elements as well as colour and corporate identity.

Micro-content Videos 

This type is among the most frequently used video content on social media and this content transmits the desired message in the shortest time with the most intense way possible. Studies show that this micro-content design attracts more attention and shares more compared to standard videos. You can use these popular video types on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to tell more about your products and service, in addition to increasing your brand recognition with micro-videos.


How To Use or How to Create Video Content

These contents are classified as indirect ads rather than direct ads. You can use animation video content to present practical information about how to solve a problem or for aftersales support. While improving your brand recognition, you can provide helpful content for the users and these contents are most frequently shared as video contents on social platforms.

3D Animation Video Content 

3D related contents are commonly used mobile three-dimensional elements and they help you to reach your target audience since they attract a lot of attention. You can use impressive 3-dimensional elements, camera moves and realistic visuals in your 3-dimensional videos to leave the desired impact on your target audience.

Stock Purchased Videos

To integrate stock purchased video content into your marketing strategy, you need to purchase the copyright of images shot by professionals. You can implement these images on your attractive video content with different editing and add special samples. You can use suitable audio files among a great variety of options and maximise the traffic of your video.

Live Stream Videos

Another type of social media contents to increase instant interest, especially for a product or service, is live stream videos. You can transform these contents of different formats into video content that best express you and your message with the support of Volans Video Agency. In addition to professional stock images in your live streaming, you can add interesting vectorial details and maximise the instant reaction. With live-stream content, you can draw more attention towards your brand on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube getting it to the next level.

Benefits of Using Remote-Controlled Video Content on Social Media

In recent years, social media is the rock star of marketing activities. The visual and audio content produced for social media increases the attention and sharing rates of these contents. One of the most important advantages of creating social media video is the direct interaction possibility with this property. You can transmit your product or service details more clearly to your target audience. A professional and creative social media video content will help to increase your organic traffic and reach to more leads in addition to promoting your products and services.


With the targeting options of the social media platforms, you can create a detailed target audience map, prepare video content that directly attracts the buyers and increase your brand recognition and sales performance. By using the stock video templates, you can achieve high interaction with low cost and save time by identifying the most adequate details for your targets. By using desktop animation videos, you can make shareable videos, get benefit from the spreading effect and increase your brand recognition. You can direct the effect of social media to your brand especially on the purchasing decisions of the new generation and achieve maximum performance over the long run with your marketing strategy. You can reach high views on YouTube which is the most effective video platform on social media by following the right strategy and you can use this platform more effectively than other networks with regular live streams.

Steps for Efficient Video Content Creation Strategy

The right strategy will enable you to use the online channels in the most efficient way possible with minimum effort. Your first step to creating high-frequency video content should be detailed target audience analysis. If you want your video content to play a leading role in your marketing strategy steps, you need to be realistic with your potential customer map and focus on targets that match your standards and that are measurable within a certain time interval.

Your next step after creating the potential customer map is going to determine the purpose of your video content. Identifying your purpose will significantly help to create the most suitable video content according to your style. Based on your purpose, you can choose one of the pull, push or hero content style. The target of pull style, is to pull the users with existing knowledge about your products or services to your brand. You can use the video content that drives your website traffic in this field.

Push style is the sales-oriented video content that provides detailed information about the product properties rather than establishing an interaction. The product promotion videos on your e-commerce website can be given as an example of this video type. Viral videos are among the most attractive hero style content. These videos can be defined as indirect advertisement efforts for brand recognition. After selecting your content style, the next step is sharing these videos on the right platforms. For an effective video promotion, you need to choose a platform by considering the targets and needs of your firm. At this stage, you need to identify how long you want your video content to be effective. For example, while the effects of video content on YouTube are longer, Instagram live streams have a shorter impact but give you higher interactions. Try to use the micro-video content form to achieve your targets and convey your message briefly and clearly. After clarifying all these details, you can identify the direction of your content with correct analysis and shape your strategy based on the interaction.

Now, it is easier to enrich your online content strategy with video content even during a pandemic. If you want to use professional video content without leaving your living space, you can check the extensive options offered by Volans Video Agency.


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