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Recent Updates Concerning the World of Video

Recent Updates Concerning the World of Video

  • 09.13.2022 114 Liked
We have compiled the latest developments in video content such as the latest updates concerning the video world on a single page and brought them together for our followers.

A First from Meta and Vimeo!


Vimeo breaks new ground and brings together the tools users need to easily create content in Meta Business Suite.

Vimeo combines the power of Meta with video to give businesses or content producers access to tools to help them create content on Facebook, Instagram and various social media.

With Meta Business Suite x Vimeo collaboration, users can create, customize and plan content within the platform.

AI Touch to Video!


Artificial Intelligence technology continues to bring convenience to video processes with its touches on screenwriting and post-production areas.

In addition to the automatic mouth reading (ALR) program developed by Frank Hubner, faces in videos can be detected automatically with face detection technology.

Although such developments suggest that humans will be replaced by machines, the main goal is to speed up processes and open up more space for imagination.

Innovation for News Publishers from Snapchat!


Snapchat provides instant access to current news and information with its Dynamic Stories feature.

This feature can automatically generate stories from content created by a publisher on the web using the RSS feed. In this way, publishers can leave manual processes behind and instantly share the latest news and updated information with their followers.

The update streamlines the workflow of partner publishers and keeps them in touch with Snapchat's 319 million active users at all times.

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