Infographic Video

Infographic Video

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The best way to explain and highlight all the data that can be defined with ratios, percentages, numerical expressions, or a graphic is to prepare an effective infographic video content..

Infographic video is one of the contents we frequently encounter in many media. Infographic videos, which fall under the category of animation videos, are generally videos that do not contain character design and contain intense linear designs. The best way to explain and highlight all the data that can be defined with ratios, percentages, numerical expressions, or a graphic is to prepare an infographic video. Considering the impact of video content, it would be the right choice to describe your successful data with an infographic.

What is Infographic Video?

Infographic video is video content that includes numeric data and graphics that define percentiles. These contents, which offer provable information, give very effective results in terms of brand value. It leaves positive impressions in terms of the trust of the target audience in the brand. It would not be right to limit infographic videos to content consisting only of graphics, such as a single pattern. Infographic videos can only consist of pie charts, percentile definitions or descriptive expressions, or they can also be used as supporting images in different video content.


Infographic videos often contain simple designs. Tables prepared with linear elements, graphics containing numerical data, in short, given the opportunity to visually describe all elements containing numerical information. They are very convenient content in terms of explaining the successes of brands, institutions, or organizations with more clear and concrete expressions. It is one of the smartest video content choices that can be preferred by brands that want to stand out with their achievements in the industry and emphasize their current achievements. Infographic videos, which provide the opportunity to stand out in digital media, also have a supportive power in terms of corporate memory. It eliminates the effort of searching the past successes of brands, institutions, or organizations in piles of files on pages. It allows brands to access historical data in a short time with a single infographic video content.

How to Make an Infographic Video?

Infographic videos, like any video content you can think of, are prepared by going through certain production stages and approvals. Video content production services provided by video agencies with which brands cooperate have different stages. It is possible to define services under general headings as creative consultancy, pre-production, and post-production.


Before preparing the infographic video, the video agency is held a meeting about content with the brand. Visuals to be seen and texts to be heard in the video content are brought together by working on a scenario suitable for the subject. Then, a mood board is studied, and with the approval of the brand, the storyboard stage is started, where all the scenes are seen. In the storyboard process, the motion graphic artist designs all the scenes in accordance with the story in the scenario. With the approval of this process, the animation process is started. These visuals, which consist of linear graphics, most of which are in the form of data bars, pie slices and indicator arrows, are animated in accordance with the scenario and the editing process is completed. After this process, with the completion of the sound effect adding process called SFX, the infographic video content is ready for publication. Infographic video content can now be shared on digital media where the target audience is active. But it is also important to be visible on different social media channels to increase visibility and ensure more success from video content. For this reason, adapting the video at appropriate scales by obtaining video adaptation support from video agencies and ensuring that brands are visible in all digital channels will increase success.

Infographic Video can be Prepared on Which Subjects?

Infographic video contents can be prepared about all subjects that have numerical data in any process. Infographic video content can be produced for successes from projects, numerical results in a business process, topics with statistical data, or anything where it is possible to describe information graphically. Infographic videos, which are generally preferred by brands, institutions, or organizations to highlight their current seasonal or annual achievements and project-based achievements, can also be prepared for the purpose of raising social awareness. These video contents, which contain numerical data and rates that we have come across frequently in social media recently, are known to be very effective in attracting people's attention and creating social awareness.


It is possible to explain complex issues that are difficult to explain, in which much information is explained together, by creating infographic tables in a more clear and descriptive way. Presenting infographic content in the form of video, which enables the visualization of data containing certain information and numerical results, makes the narration even easier. Video content, which provides the easiest and most effective experience, especially considering consumer habits, is also effective in the process of obtaining information. It is fastened the process of obtaining information. Brands in need of infographic video should first determine the subject they will talk about in the most accurate way and video production stages should be carried out in line with this subject. The annual growth rates of brands, employment rates, project achievements, success rates with the brands they cooperate with, and numerical results obtained through social awareness projects can be the subject of infographic video content.

Which Sectors can Prefer Infographic Video Contents?

It is not a correct statement to make a sectoral separation or to set any limitations to produce video content. All sectors may have different contents for different purposes. All conceivable sectors such as health, education, trade, engineering, tourism, or entertainment can have the video content they want about all the topics they need. The important thing here is that the video content harmonizes with the brand and represents the brand in the most accurate way. The texts used in the video content, the videos shot or designed, the video style, even the voice tone and accents of the voice actor are important elements to be considered. In addition, components that seem small but are of great importance, such as the color and font that represent the brand corporate, also point to be considered in video content production.


Brands that want to produce an infographic video or a different video content, but do not have knowledge on this subject, should get consultancy support from video agencies. It is essential to get support to spend the production processes in the most effective way and to obtain quality infographic video content. As in any business line, all the video content needs knowledge and experience. It is important to make careful preparation for infographic video, explainer video, case study videos, corporate promotion video, success story video, micro-video content, VR videos, interactive videos, testimonial video, tv advertising spots, event video, 3D videos, how-to videos. Although it is thought that video works are easily carried out by the corporate communication departments of most brands, it is known that brands with quality video content receive support from professional video agency.

Get Professional Support for Infographic Video Content!

Video content is easy to consume but requires effort and care to produce. It is necessary to proceed with care and attention from the preparation stage until it is ready for publication. For infographic videos or all video content, it is important for the brand and the video agencies that work in collaboration to stay in constant communication. This will be effective both in terms of brand expectations and the quality of video content.

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