Technological Developments in the Advertising World

Technological Developments in the Advertising World

  • 08.18.2023 337 Gelikt
Here is our article where we bring together the strong moves of different brands such as Meta, TikTok, and Amazon regarding the advertising processes.

TikTok on Redbox Kiosk



TikTok continues to bring short-form video content to high-traffic, diverse out-of-home environments, following its partnership with GSTV.


Through its collaboration with Redbox, TikTok videos and broadcasts will be displayed on over 3,000 kiosk screens nationwide. This new partnership, combining short-form video and out-of-home advertising, offers advertisers a unique avenue to reach new audiences and enhance engagement.


AI Chatbots by Meta

Meta-AI Chatbot

Meta is adding another dimension to its AI-based endeavors, producing AI chatbots with over 30 different personalities. Facebook is conducting experiments on various personalities for the new AI chatbot, which will be rolled out across different elements of Messenger and Instagram.


The personalities range from historical figures like Abraham Lincoln to more common characters like drivers and surfers. This innovation promises to provide users with a distinct experience and is expected to further boost platform traffic.


Amazon Improves Advertising Sales


Amazon has outperformed its digital competitors, increasing its advertising sales by 22% year over year in the second quarter, reaching $10.7 billion.


Experts attribute the surge in advertising sales to the brand's utilization of advanced machine learning models. This development within Amazon is anticipated to prompt competitors to focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to produce more effective campaigns.